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"Khans of New California"
The Den is an anarchistic place where a kind of Darwinian struggle is played out. Only the strongest, fastest or smartest will survive here.Tubby

The Den is a safe haven for drug and slave trafficking, located in northern California. The town can be found six squares east and three squares south of Arroyo.


In 2241, the Den was a frontier town by any measure. Located on the fringes of California, it had no central authority or any law enforcement, leading to a Darwinian struggle where only the strong survived.[1] The town's economy relied heavily on the Californian drug trade.[2]

After the death of the Master in 2162, the Den witnessed a wave of refugees consisting of super mutants and Children of the Cathedral cultists, who fled to the north. Some of the cultists even committed suicide within the town.[3]

By 2281, the raiders and slavers from the Den are mostly gone and have been replaced with actual laws and taxes. This transformed the economy, which focuses more on manufacturing and farming, rather than drugs and slaves.[4]


The Den is divided into two districts, with an additional unimplemented location accessible through an exploit or the main menu Recording feature.

Den West Side Den East Side
Den slave run

West Side

Main article: Den West Side

The West Side is where most of the shops are. It is home to Becky's casino and a Brotherhood of Steel outpost. In the lower area of the west side is Smitty's Workshop where he has a working car that needs a battery.

Fo2 Den Business 1.png
Loot in West Side


Smity Shack:

Lara House:

Anna House:


East Side

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The East Side is where the Slavers Guild has its headquarters. There is also an old church, a graveyard, Mom's Diner, and the Hole Bar. The graves in the graveyard, starting with the one in the upper right, can be dug up for some items. Digging up any grave beside Anna's will result in a significant loss of Karma.

Fo2 Den Business 2.png
Loot in East Side

The Hole:

Slavers Guild:

Mom's Diner:


Den Slave Run

Main article: Den slave run

This location, in the vicinity of the Den, is only available in conversation with Metzger of the Slaver's Guild, after agreeing to catch slaves for him during a slave run.

FO2 Den Slave run desert.png



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  • The background music is "Khans of New California", which was originally used for the Khan Base in Fallout.
  • It should be stressed that the orphaned children in the Den can also steal vital quest items and there is no information to the Chosen One if they do so. The belongings can, however, be stolen back anytime.
  • Sometimes the children will take the stolen items to Tubby or Flick, who will then sell them in their shop - even unique items such as keys. Killing Flick and Tubby will not put a stop to the thievery as the children will continue to deposit stolen goods onto Flick or Tubby's corpse. These items can then be retrieved until the corpse(s) disappear.
  • One addict is so drugged they will be hostile. The addict is a random person.
  • Per Stacy, the Den hasn't been home to cats for many years, thanks to the few pet cats that were kept being eaten in times of famine.
  • A third area, Den Residential, can be accessed from the load menu screen, by pressing the number "3" on the keyboard.


The Den appears only in Fallout 2, and is mentioned in Fallout Shelter.[5]

Behind the scenes

The town map background is actually an aerial map of Phoenix, AZ from 1885.[6]



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