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The Deep is an underground location in the Forest and Savage Divide regions of Appalachia. Its main entrance is adjacent to the Blood Eagle camp, the Pigsty.


The Deep is an elaborate cave system stretching below the hills west of the Whitespring Resort, in the Savage Divide. There are at least two entrances, one by a hatch slightly northeast from the Whitespring lookout, and another cave entrance due southeast of Summersville in the Forest. The most notorious area is centered around a building within a massive cavern, surrounded by the same liquid found in fissure sites. Called the Motherlode Acquisition Facility, the structure is occupied by Communist infiltrators, possibly members of the People's Liberation Army, who use the site as the central hub for their Motherlode operations.[1]

In 2103, the Vault 76 Dweller accessed the cave system to infiltrate the communist facility in order to obtain a suit of Chinese stealth armor.[2]


Upon entering the cave, there are cave crickets along the narrow passages leading down to a body of toxic water. At the end of the water is the body of James Addison, a diver with the holotape President's eyes ONLY. One must swim across and down under the water's surface to the other side of the cave, upon which a set of passageways leads to brightly colored flora including fever blossoms, kaleidopore, and starlight creeper bushes. Small pieces of material fall from the ceiling, and in the middle of the flora chamber is the body of a creature.

Further inside the tunnels, there is a small opening allowing one to see the Motherlode Acquisition Facility of the communist soldiers. Heading further down, one will reach a T-intersection. Going straight down will lead to an exit next to the Whitespring.

Notable loot[]

  • President's eyes ONLY - Holotape, found on the corpse of a diver just before the toxic water past the entrance tunnels.
  • PRC Motherlode access key - Key, found on the corpse of a communist commander inside the main facility.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - On the top floor of the main facility, on a console along the southeast wall, near a steamer trunk.
  • Two potential armor mod plans:
    • On the top floor of the main facility, on a middle bunkbed, facing the eastern wall.
    • On the top floor of the main facility, on a green container, facing the southwestern wall.
  • Mini nuke - On the top floor of the main facility, on the edge of a green container facing the southern wall.
  • 18 starlight creeper bushes:
    • 13 around the base.
    • Five next to the western entrance to the caves.
  • 24 fever blossom plants along the cave passageways and near the main building.
  • Owlet meat - Found on the corpse of an owlet after entering the Deep's main entrance. The meat unlocks the owlet nuggets recipe. Note: due to the spawn of crickets, it is very difficult to hit the owlet in order to loot it.


The Deep appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes[]

The Deep was designed by lead artist Nathan Purkeypile.[Non-game 1]




  1. Nate Purkeypile on Twitter: "That one was not me. The last big interior I did was The Deep."