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The Crater war room is an unmarked location within the Crater in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia.


The war room is located far behind Ae-Ri's shop at the Crater, within a disjointed, upside-down, broken section of the crashed space station. Upon entering the interior, there are two paths, one straight ahead and one to the left. The path to the left leads to a small room with a bed, two desks, and a weapons workbench alongside some assorted machinery and boxes.

The path ahead leads into an excavated cavern and the actual war room, where Burke, Pierce and Sheena are planning their raids. There is a table in the actual war room, littered with beer bottles. A jukebox sits in the corner of the room and a brewing station is set up along the left wall. An assortment of supplies, weapons and containers are situated behind a gate, though this caged area is normally inaccessible. The gate itself has a map of Appalachia and a cork board attached to it.

Notable loot


The Crater war room appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


PCPC It is possible to clip through the gate by running forward between the map and the cork board. All of the items and containers behind the gate can be looted.[verified]