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When the Diehards Raider gang returned to Appalachia, they settled in the area of the crashed space station and named their new home the Crater.Fallout 76 loading screens

The Crater is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia. Prior to 2103, the location was known as the crashed space station.


Built upon the wreckage of the Valiant-1 space station, the Crater is the largest raider settlement in Appalachia.[1] It was constructed by Caleb Fisher and his crew,[2] who, like many others, joined up with the surviving Diehards as they made their way back to the region.[3] Crater maintains several crop fields, which supply the raiders with a steady food reserve.[4]


The Crater is located in a large, shallow crater near the northeastern edge of the Toxic Valley. The space station appears to have fallen from orbit at a high velocity, devastating the surrounding area. The bulk of the station remains embedded upright in the center of the crater, with fragments scattered around it.

By 2103, the location has been turned into a raider settlement, adding scaffolding, amenities, and other decorations typical of raider architecture. The Crater Core is located in the center of the spaceship and has been turned into the raiders' headquarters. Most of the raider team for the Vault 79 raid can be found here with the leader of the raiders, Meg Groberg, a former member of the Diehards, one of the original five factions of Raiders in Appalachia before they were either killed or chased out of Appalachia by the Scorched Plague.


The Crater - Exterior
Ae-Ri Axel Creed
Kiyomi Molly Munch
Raf Rocksy Wren
Raiders x23
The Core
Barb Caleb Fisher Gail
Johnny Weston Lev Meg Groberg
Ra-Ra Surge Lou (after Cheating Death)
Mortimer (after Secrets Revealed) Weasel (after Secrets Revealed)1 Raider punk (optional; before recruiting)[5]
Raiders x?
The Crater war room
Burke Pierce Sheena
Marcia Leone (optional; after Missing Persons)
On rotation
Minerva Tommy Ten-Toes
1Only if completing Siding with Crater.

Notable loot[]


Daily quests[]


  • The Crater is one of five locations for which the player character can select whether to spawn at the location's exterior or its interior. The other locations are The Rusty Pick, The Whitespring Resort, Foundation and Fort Atlas.
  • During Wastelanders, the main menu video opened on a shot of bodies hanging from the arch of the Crater.
  • As of patch, yao guai and Scorched no longer spawn in the settlement.
  • As of patch, fast traveling to the Crater is free of charge.
  • A set of whale bones is laid out atop Ae-Ri's workspace.


The Crater appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • 76 BOMB-01
    The space station is based directly on the design of B.O.M.B.-001 and the premise of B.O.M.B.-002 from Van Buren.[6]
  • Lead artist Nathan Purkeypile designed much of the Crater's layout, lighting and cluttering.[7][8]
  • According to level designer Steve Massey, the crashed space station was selected as the site of the Raiders' settlement as the team had always wanted to do more with the space station since the game's initial release.[9]



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    (Davenport's dialogue)
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