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"Acolytes of the New God"
This is the Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral. I don't know why they say Cathedral twice.Calder

The Cathedral, occasionally called the Cathedral of Happiness,[1] is the holiest site of the Children of the Cathedral and the seat of power for Morpheus and other leaders of the faith. It doubles as a facade for the Los Angeles Vault, concealing the Master's headquarters.

In Fallout, the Cathedral can be found one square west and nineteen squares south of Vault 13, or just south of the Boneyard. It was destroyed in a nuclear detonation on March 3, 2162.[Non-game 1]



The Children hold their massive, undamaged Cathedral to be a pre-War structure, a sanctuary spared from the nuclear destruction which devastated all buildings surrounding it.[2] They believe this miracle was meant to facilitate the birth of the Master.[2]

The site of its construction was the center of much activity in the years leading up to the War. The Vault-Tec Corporation opened a demonstration Vault here, where curious people could come to immerse themselves in the experience of Vault life. This demonstration Vault was fully functional, and it was used to full effect when the Great War came.


The survivors would emerge after 15 years in 2092, and were among the populations who founded the Angel's Boneyard in the ruins of Los Angeles.[Non-game 2] No information explicitly regarding this site between 2092 and 2156 exists.

In 2152, a mutant ruler calling himself the Master found a group of doomsday cultists, who served a Dark God. Under the leadership of Morpheus, they pledged allegiance to the Master.[Non-game 3] The Children of the Cathedral were formally established in 2156, and began to spread out into the wastelands to proselytize, and enact the Master's works.[Non-game 4][2] They came to live at the Cathedral under his rule, as the public face of the Unity mutant cult.[Non-game 3]

Under the Master[]

As the heart of the Children's religion, the Cathedral is a hub of diverse cultist activity. Flower children distribute flowers to those who arrive as converts or curious visitors. The grounds are roamed by unreasonable "zombies," failed candidates for servitors, released to mill about and proselytize, serving the cause with what remains of their minds.[3] They are joined by the chanters and watched over by the enforcers. Some members of the servitor class may be relegated to certain areas away from the public.

The massive main chapel, with its ceiling lost in darkness, is used to display holographic images of the Master to the faithful, inspiring awe in the assembled. The holo-projector, hidden beneath the podium, is not common knowledge and most interpret the lights as a supernatural apparition. Father Morpheus occasionally gives sermons in the main nave, but the church area is usually dominated by a giant monochrome display reciting dogma at a feverish pace.[4]

Visitors can purchase souvenirs at the Cathedral shop, receive treatment from the infamously foul-mouthed Dr. Wu, and even seek spiritual guidance from the many thinkers meditating inside rooms and chapels... Or at the end of Father Lasher's prod.

The northern tower, called the Inner Sanctum, remains locked and guarded. Here, nightkin and servitors dwell in private isolation, literally directly under Morpheus. Several nightkin rest throughout, remaining invisible even in their private libraries and personal quarters. One guards the stairwell. A servitor named Dane talks to himself for hours in his room on the second floor. He hears the nightkin crying.[5]

In a moment of lucidity, Dane begged the Vault Dweller to kill Father Lasher for his brutal treatment of a flower child.[6]


All of this ceased on March 3, 2162, when the actions of the Vault Dweller resulted in the Master and his Cathedral being destroyed in an eruption of nuclear flames.[Non-game 1]

The Vault Dweller may have later visited the ruins and encountered Calder, the abused teen Dane hoped to protect, sobbing and screaming a vow of revenge.[Cut 1][Bug 1]


It is due south of the center of the city, on a small peninsula. The building faces southeast. There are small destroyed urban buildings mere yards from the Cathedral. Due to the erosion of the shoreline,[clarification needed] the ocean is nearby.[7]

Youths from the Cathedral sometimes visit a grove across town, where they pick ragged little white flowers they call Unity Roses.[8][9]


Rising above the sprawling ruin of the Boneyard, the Cathedral is almost pristine. Its stark art deco architecture looms imposingly over the nearby streets, cutting a distinctive silhouette with its flawless, rounded symmetry. Above the ornate entryway is a sculpture of a helmeted, armored angel posing defiantly, its mighty arms extended with palms out as if resisting two forces. Behind these arms, intricate inorganic wings extend upwards, again perfectly symmetrical. The figure is androgynous and depicted from the waist up.

Behind the figure is a large stained glass window which seems to stylize a nuclear symbol as a sun. The central doorway is immediately beneath the figure's chest. There are three doorways, and the doors are intricately carved. The whole structure is covered with fine etchings and intricate patternwork. Huge red cloth tapestries hang from the exterior of the structure.



Various devotees, enforcers, and chanters mill about the narthex before the massive structure, under the stony gaze of the radiation angel. The named characters Slummer, Zark, and Calder are found in this courtyard. If one convinces Nicole to aid in the attack on the Cathedral, four Follower scholars will appear from the west, equipped with metal armor (unlootable), two spears, a sledgehammer, and a Ripper.


The main section of the Cathedral has a cruciform layout, inspired by Christian cathedrals. The main nave contains an atrium, which leads to a narrow passageway flanked by side chapels and meditation spaces. The spy Laura leads a service in the small chapel on the west side of the hall, while Viola is in the meditation chamber to the south.

The largest chamber is the central church. Two rows of benches face the elevated altar, where Morpheus stands at his lectern to preach. In his absence, a large monitor in the back displays his ranting visage, which continues to convey propaganda. Sister Francis and Ton, who lead the Children's forces, stand by the locked entrance to the tower, requiring a red badge to enter.

In the rectory to the northwest is Father Lasher, whose office doubles as his quarters, study, and disciplinary space. South of it is the dormitory and the infirmary staffed by Dr. Wu. The opposite end contains the gift shop and a small maintenance chamber with a nuclear generator hooked into the power grid.

The storage room in the back is accessible with the black badge and contains the stairs leading down into the basement and the hidden vault entrance.

Notable loot
  • Three bottles of booze inside Lasher's desk (despite the ban on alcohol)
Gift shop (also doubles as stock for the Cathedral shopkeeper)
Rear room


The tower, or the Inner Sanctum, serves as the living quarters and offices of certain members of the Children of the Cathedral. It is accessible only to them, their servitors, and the nightkin. The Sanctum has four floors. The nightkin throughout will attack if the player character has any followers, or trespasses (as in, does not have a red badge or wear the purple robes). Fighting on one floor does not turn characters on other floors hostile, and will not affect relations with people on the main Cathedral map.

The stairs are in the northeastern corner of the tower, and all rooms in the tower are to the south and west. There is nothing on the base level. On the second floor, the raving servitor Dane has his own quarters. Two nightkin stand in the chamber to the west. The third floor has two bedrooms and a library with Mach IV computers, and three nightkin. One of them faces the stairwell.

The top floor has Morpheus in the corner chamber and a large barracks for nightkin at the west end of the hall. The footlocker contains the unique Tesla armor.

Notable loot
First floor
Second floor
Third floor

Los Angeles Vault[]

Main article: Los Angeles Vault

Located in the basement of the Cathedral, which requires a black badge to access. The entrance to the vault is hidden behind a fake bookcase. The bookcase in the southeastern corner can be used to activate the door with a lockpick, traps, or just wait until Jeremiah opens the door (if the player character has followers or is not disguised as a Cathedral member, he will kick them out; useful to teleport outside the Cathedral).

The access cavern contains several floaters and centaurs, with Mariposa mutants standing watch over the entrance.


Fo1 Childead Cropped

Once destroyed, if the player can continue the game, they can visit the Cathedral once again. The nuclear detonation has wiped out almost all traces of the building and the Children, leaving behind a crater surrounded by mere remnants of brickwork and pavement.


  • The log of Richard Grey found on the vats control computer at Mariposa Military Base reveals that the Master chose to leave the base in order to find an ideal permanent location for his future operations, to avoid the disadvantages of a "mobile body."
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Lily Bowen can tell the Courier about the explosion of the Cathedral, if they ask about the Master.
  • In the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money, Dog may sometimes say to himself: "I want to go back, back to the base. Or the Church. Liked the Church." As Dog was once a soldier of the Master, "the Church" is a reference to the Cathedral.
  • Atx camp walldeco artdecobusts kirbyhead l
    The radiation angel above the entryway resembles art deco sculptures seen on pre-War architecture throughout the series.
    • A sculpture called the "Kirby Art Deco Bust" appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, and seems to share its shape with the Cathedral itself when viewed from the front.

Behind the scenes[]

I almost regret not doing more with the Cathedral, but I did my best not to throw in side quests because I thought at that time the player would be pretty much streaking for the endgame and any quests at this point would be more annoying than useful. There's a time for speed bumps, and there's a time when you have to let them cut loose. So the Cathedral's mostly for color. I tried to come up with a few NPCs there who weren't despicable; I thought it'd be more interesting if the cult attracted a few people who weren't stupid and thuggishly evil. That way, they'd contrast better with people like Morpheus (whose dialogue was written before I came on the project) who *was* an opportunistic scumball.Scott Bennie, Fallout Bible 8
[T]here's some stuff in the Cathedral dealing with the Nightkin that was supposed to give you alternative ways through besides wearing the robes, but that never got finished.Jesse Heinig, Modiphius Discord
  • Hiresdevrendervalkyrie
    In a development version of the Cathedral, the stained glass window on the front depicted a mushroom cloud. This was changed because it made them too directly similar to the Children of the Mushroom Cloud faction from Wasteland.
  • The player was supposed to be able to enlist the Brotherhood of Steel's aid for the assault on the Cathedral, as indicated by the elders' dialogue files. Two crack assault paladins would spawn at the entrance, one with a minigun and 300 rounds of ammunition (150 of each type), the other with a rocket launcher and 20 rockets (10 of each type). Each would carry five super stimpaks. Although the NPCs are still present on the map, they are disabled in gameplay and the Brotherhood does not offer the option to send a strike team to the Cathedral.
  • The front of the Cathedral bears a resemblance to the real-world Niagara Mohawk Building in Syracuse, New York.







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Cut content

  1. Calder: "{101}{}{You! You did it! When I grow up I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you! You killed them all! Aaaaaalllll! [Uncontrolled sobbing].}"
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  1. This scene was intended to be cut, but it can trigger if the Vault Dweller has the Childkiller reputation.
The Cathedral