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Find the entrance to Vault 63 in the Dark Hollow Manor.

The Calm Before is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Enter Dark Hollow Manor. Once inside, clear out the various waves of Lost, finishing with the Lost Champion. Enter the door on the right, and take the stairs into the basement. Interact with the intercom in the back to speak with Hilda. She states that she wants to leave Vault 63, but the door requires authentication from both sides, and though she is authorized, you are not. Since Lost are former Vault 63 occupants, they are authorized to open the door. She suggests cutting off the hand of a Lost and using it to authorize yourself. Walk up to any Lost to loot a Lost hand, then go back into the basement and use the scanner to the right of the intercom. An elevator appears; enter the elevator and descend into the Vault 63 atrium.

Exit the elevator, and walk up to Hilda and talk to her. She asks you to confirm that you are not Lost, before pointing you to her uncle, Hugo Stolz, and hurriedly leaving the vault for the Vault 63 organics sector through the elevator, leaving no time to ask her further questions. Head into the next room to find Hugo Stolz, Vault 63's overseer. Hugo welcomes you, and proposes that you work for him. If you agree, he asks that you first get vetted by the vault's Chief of Security, James Oberlin.

Turn around and head right, down the stairs, past the clinic, following the hallway until you reach the atrium proper. Take a left, past a couple of security personnel, up a flight of stairs, and enter the security office. Speak with Oberlin, who will ask your reason for having entered the vault, and will ask you to describe your background. After answering, Oberlin reveals that Hugo had already told him everything, and was merely checking if you would answer honestly. If you did, Oberlin will complete his security report and dismisses you. Return to Hugo and talk with him.

Hugo explains that he was born blind, but, after a recent incident, gained the ability to sense electronic activity, allowing him to "see". He shares this ability with the Lost, but was somehow able to retain his sanity. To learn why his case is different, he needs your help, since you have experience with both other vaults and various surface dangers. Both Hugo and Oberlin will have a task for you, leading to Between the Lines and Housekeeping for Hire, respectively.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Enter Dark Hollow ManorI found the Dark Hollow Manor at the center of Shenandoah National park. Like Hilda said back in Vault 63, there's quite the menacing storm looming above it. I should head into the manor to find the entrance to her Vault, then finally we can meet face to face.
? Explore the ManorI entered the Dark Hollow Manor at the center of a bizarre storm. She said the entrance to her Vault was here, so I should search the place for it.
? Clear out the Lost from Dark Hollow ManorLooking for Hilda's Vault entrance in the Dark Hollow Manor, I found the place is swarming with the Lost. I need to clear them out of the manor so I can search for the Vault entrance safely.
? Find the entrance to Vault 63Hilda said the entrance to her Vault is somewhere inside Dark Hollow Manor. With the Lost dealt with, I should search the the place for it.
? Use the intercomAfter dispatching the Lost in Dark Hollow Manor, I searched the basement and Hilda called out over an intercom down there. I should use it to let her know I'm here.
? Retrieve a hand from a Lost corpseI spoke to Hilda over an intercom again in the manor basement, and she told me I can only open the entrance to her Vault if I get a Lost hand and try using it on the hand scanner. I should go look for an intact Lost corpse and take their hand.
? Use the Hand ScannerI got an intact hand from a Lost corpse. I should now head to the manor basement and use it on the hand scanner to open the entrance to Vault 63. Here's hoping the hand is still fresh enough for this to work.
? Enter Vault 63Using the Lost hand on the hand scanner revealed a secret entrance to Hilda's Vault in the manor basement. I should enter and finally meet her in person.
? Speak to HildaI gained access to the Vault 63 section under Shenandoah through a hidden entrance in the Dark Hollow Manor basement. I wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for Hilda's help directing me to the bizarre storm. I should finally go speak to her in person.
? Speak to HugoTurns out Hilda was a Ghoul and also in a rush to leave the Vault. She told me to go speak to the Overseer of Vault 63, Hugo, who is apparently her uncle. I should head to the Overseer's office and introduce myself to him.
? Retrieve the Situation Report from OberlinI met the Overseer, Hugo, and it turns out everyone is a Ghoul in Vault 63. I agreed to do some freelance work, but I first need to be vetted by security and retrieve a situation report. I should go speak with the head of security, Oberlin.
? Report back to HugoI got the situation report holotape from Oberlin, and he seemed pleased with my honesty. I should report back to Hugo and deliver this report.
I got the situation report holotape from Oberlin, but it looks like I pissed him off. Oh well, I should report back to Hugo and deliver this report.


PCPC If the Lost Champion is killed before fully standing up, the quest gets stuck at the "Clear out the Lost" objective. To resolve the issue, reload the game, and clear out the manor again without killing the Lost Champion "prematurely".[verification needed]