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The Bysshe Energy Company, also called Bysshe Co., was a pre-War company in the energy and robotics sector. In 2077, it operated the research vessel USS Ozymandias and acquired rights in the area of Point Lookout to probe for usable natural gas resources. It also developed a powerful assaultron unit, the imposter sheepsquatch.

Known projectsEdit

Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001Edit

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The purpose of Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001 was to determine whether sufficient deposits of bio-gas were present on Point Lookout to make large-scale diggings viable. The company was aware that potential bio-gas reserves on the island would likely be a result of the mass burials during the American Civil War, a fact it sought to conceal even from its own leading expert, Caroline Saunders, as it was aware of her "liberal" leanings. Martin J. Roach was given the task to monitor her and when it became apparent that Saunders was starting to show interest in the gas deposits' origins, the execution of "Code Blue" protocols in order to destroy all evidence was ordered.


The Bysshe Company's activities in Appalachia involved the pylon ambush site facility. At one point this facility, under the command of one employee, Wolf, was responsible for the capture of an AWOL assaultron unit, the Imposter sheepsquatch. This unit, developed by employee Calvin van Lowe, was equipped with shielding technology that made it invulnerable to all weapons. The three pylons scattered around the location were designed to channel energy through a human to the assaultron, and this was suggested to be the only way to take down the unit's shields.[1]

Known subsidiariesEdit

Bysshe Energy PartnersEdit

Bysshe Energy Partners were responsible for Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001.

Bysshe Natural Gas Co.Edit

Bysshe Natural Gas Co. was another subsidiary company of Bysshe Co. It sent Caroline Saunders to act as the principal geological chemist for the field research of Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001.

Known employeesEdit


Bysshe's Ozymandias appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout. The Bysshe Company and its subsidiaries are mentioned in terminal entries inside the ship's wreck. They also appear in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.

Behind the scenesEdit

The company name is a reference to Percy Bysshe Shelley. Among his works was a sonnet called "Ozymandias" which famously referenced a forgotten king of ancient history and how a short declaration of his unwarranted arrogance (chiseled into a ruined stone pillar) was all that remained of his mighty empire.


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