The Burning Mine is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia in 2103.


Located on the northeastern side of Mount Blair, this mine was set alight by the Hornwright Industrial mining company and has been burning ever since.


The mine is easily recognizable by the partially collapsed, derelict warehouse and the red entrance door with a warning sign prominently posted before them. The control booth to the side contains only minor loot; however, the building on top of the hill contains a power armor station and a suit of power armor.

The mine opens up with a staging room holding a power armor station, which can spawn another suit of power armor. The staging room opens into a tunnel system that loops back around with a small generator room in the center of the caves. The smoldering fires in the mine can inflict serious damage and can make it more difficult to engage and retreat from enemies.

The interior is a fairly large and complex, mainly due to the very limited visibility and the presence of toxic air and fiery veins underfoot. Braving the area is worth it for high-level loot, including black titanium.

The mine is shaped roughly like an oval. The entrance area contains an improvised airlock with power armor and a power armor station, together with two crafting stations for weapons and armor. Inside, the tunnel branches off to the left and right. To the left, player characters can enter the infirmary (with usual medical loot) and the generator room (with a bobblehead in the recreation area upstairs), the tunnel eventually leading to the upper level of the conveyor belt room with a fusion generator, a bobblehead spawn and a magazine spawn.

The righthand tunnel leads to the burning tunnels, which are challenging to navigate. Near the old elevator shaft is a bobblehead and magazine spawn, while down through the fire lies the bottom of the conveyor belt leading up from the work area. This is where two magazine spawns are located (on the top and bottom respectively), together with a fourth bobblehead and a tinker's workbench.

Notable lootEdit

  • Four potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In the huge tiered chamber, at the lower end of the sloping coal conveyor belt, on the blue conveyor end attached to the yellow machinery.
    • On the western side of the large room with the gantry platform, near the blue piston machinery and metal stairs, behind the fusion core generator on a metal shelf.
    • Halfway down the large smoke-filled room with the generators at the bottom and metal gantry steps and shaft structure at the top (and small tunnel entrances at the top), on the tiered rock area with the burning coal, inside the yellow and metal crate trolley.
    • In the large room with the two yellow generators, where the coring takes place, in the upper break room with the jukebox, on top of the metal mainframe computer.
  • Four potential magazines:
    • In the tiered, large cavern, across from the yellow-and-blue sloping mine conveyor belt and below the tinker's workbench, on the passenger seat of the yellow mine buggy half-buried in molten slag.
    • In the chamber with the gantry and stairs down the middle, on the right side of the small wooden deck along the eastern rock wall of the trio of blue piston conveyor belts, in the sink.
    • In the large cavern with the metal steps to the south, just west of two half-buried white metal generators, against a rock wall by several wooden crates and a coal buggy, on a wooden table.
    • At the bottom of the tiered cavern where the coal conveyor belt ends, near a yellow forklift, at the corner of two large metal cargo containers, on the stack of wooden crates.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - At a power armor station, in the brick building on top of the hill over the mine and at the airlock.
  • Fusion core - In a fusion generator near a steamer trunk. After going into the mine itself head either way until you come into a slightly more open area with three conveyor belts near the ceiling. Look west for a small entrance leading to the generator room.


The Burning Mine appears only in Fallout 76.


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