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Have a look, most of it's edible - some of it even tastes good!Jenny Stahl

The Brass Lantern is a restaurant in Megaton, run by the Stahl family in 2277.


The Brass Lantern was established and is still currently owned by the Stahl family. Jenny Stahl can be found serving local settlers outside, Leo Stahl works inside the restaurant and Andy Stahl is the owner.

They are all siblings with Leo being the oldest (as mentioned by Jenny if asked about the Lone Wanderer's father, James). After the death of their parents, Leo took charge of raising his younger siblings.


The restaurant is divided into an outdoor eating area, an indoor eating area, a storage and preparation room, an owner's office and living quarters for the Stahl family. In the owner's office, there is a floor safe with a Very Hard lock and the Brass Lantern terminal with a Very Easy lock. The crumpled note is jammed in a corner of this room, behind a chair.

There is a refrigerator in the outside eating area with an Average lock. In the indoor eating area, there is a cash register protected by a Hard lock. Past the cash register, in the storage and preparation room, there is another refrigerator identified as the Brass Lantern Cooler that can only be opened with a key.

The living quarters for the family are separated from the rest of the establishment by a shack door located near the terminal in the owner's office. While Jenny sleeps in the downstairs bed, both brothers sleep upstairs in two separate beds.

Notable loot

  • 300 bottle caps - In the owned, Very Hard locked floor safe next to the terminal.
  • Crumpled note - Unlocks the terminal, which can be used to open the nearby floor safe.

Related quests


The Brass Lantern appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The Chinese neon sign reads "明家快", (Míngjiā Kuài); the fourth character "餐" (cān) is missing. It means "Ming Fast Food."