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The Bounty is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is situated northeast of Fissure site Alpha, overlooking Lake Eloise.


Prior to 2102, this site in the Savage Divide was the home of two individuals who often played board games with each other. One of the two consistently won despite being illiterate, which deeply angered the other resident, to the point that they decided to kill the winner in his sleep.[1] The attempt went awry, and they ended up exchanging gunfire. The loser managed to kill the winner, but was mortally wounded by a "lucky shot" and died as a result, calling their final match a "draw."[2]

In 2103, the site was occupied and fortified by the Blood Eagles, who named it "The Bounty." They used the board games for their ranking system, allowing lower-ranked members to challenge higher-ranked members with a game and potentially advance in rank upon their victory. Any attempts to cheat, or make the procedure unfair, would be punishable by "walking the plank" off the cliff.[3]


The Bounty is a Blood Eagle camp situated in a small ravine. Several shacks surround a wooden path leading to the "plank" where Blood Eagle members who violate gang rules are forced to walk to their deaths off the cliff face. A cooking station is located near the upper floor of the largest shack.

Notable loot[]


The Bounty appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update, expanded upon from a previously unmarked location.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The notes Angry note and Defeated note were placed here originally and were removed after the location was expanded in Wastelanders.
  • In the Blood Eagle rules for advancing in rank holotape, "walking the plank" is mentioned, and a wooden platform similar to a plank appears in the Bounty. This is a reference to a motif of pirates in popular culture where captives on a ship were forced to walk off a wooden plank into the sea.