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This is a transcript for dialogue with The Boss.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 CompanyStoreAttract 0034AD98 Here at Camden Park wonderful prizes can be purchased with Mr. Fuzzy Tokens by accessing a terminal. Have a purrrrrr-fect day. Friendly and enthusiastic welcoming players into the token redemption area.
2 0034AD99 Hello and welcome to the Company Store where your Mr. Fuzzy tokens buy fleshling treasures! Welcoming and friendly
3 0034AD9A Welcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners! Friendly and welcoming when players enter the token redemption area
4 Scolding Employees 0034AD9C No uniformed workers in here. Shoo! Bad fleshling. Surprised and disapproving. A player in uniform has wandered into the token redemption area
5 0034AD9D Fleshling? Why are you here in uniform? There will be shouting. Go now!
6 0034AD9E Out! Out! No uniforms in here.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
7 00320E37 Welcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners! Super cheerful. "Fleshlings" is a description and not intended to be rude.
8 Prizes can be purchased by accessing a terminal. You'll need your Mr. Fuzzy tokens handy! Have a wonderful day. Over the top cheerful.
9 MTR04_Employee_Boss 00320E36 Interesting. You must be my newest fleshling. Female robot, sounds curious. "Fleshling" is a description only not a rude comment.
10 You were late. You weren't prepared. You deserve shouting. But, I'm feeling generous today so I'll record your performance as adequate. Scolding female robot.
11 You aren't allowed in here when you're working. This is for valued customers only. They can exchange their Mr. Fuzzy tokens for prizes here. Stern instructions from female robot.
12 Here is recompense for today's shift. Goodbye. Dismissive female robot voice
13 0043AAE6 Fleshling? Why no uniform? There will be shouting.