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For the achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas, see The Boss (achievement).
Hello and welcome to the Company Store where your Mr. Fuzzy tokens buy fleshling treasures!

The Boss is a robobrain that runs Camden Park in 2102.


The Boss doles out wages for employees at Camden Park, and has been waiting for one to show up ever since the Great War. The Boss refers to humans as "fleshlings," a descriptive term rather than a rude one,[1] and is programmed to be friendly to visitors. However, the Boss becomes stern and scolding when surrounded by workers of the park due to their ill preparation,[2] lack of uniform,[3] or presence in uniform in a non-uniformed area.[4]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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This character is involved in quests.


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Tesla rifle


The Boss appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. The Boss: "Welcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners!"
    (The Boss' dialogue)
  2. The Boss: "Interesting. You must be my newest fleshling. You were late. You weren't prepared. You deserve shouting. But, I'm feeling generous today so I'll record your performance as adequate. You aren't allowed in here when you're working. This is for valued customers only. They can exchange their Mr. Fuzzy tokens for prizes here."
    (The Boss' dialogue)
  3. The Boss: "Fleshling? Why no uniform? There will be shouting."
    (The Boss' dialogue)
  4. The Boss: "Fleshling? Why are you here in uniform? There will be shouting. Go now!"
    (The Boss' dialogue)
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