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The Black Devil vol. 1 is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor".


The tape can be found on a small table, together with Connie's note, in Wattz Consumer Electronics, during Speak of the Devil.


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Holotape Entries

The Devil Cometh

Introducing the Black Devil!

By day he's a hard working janitor, cleaning toilets at the local police station. By night, he's a commie fighting superhero, here to uphold our core values of truth, tax loopholes, and the principles of the free market!

Working with the U.S. government, the Black Devil gained his superhuman strength by merging his body with the Constitution. Covered in the impenetrable ink of our founding fathers, he hunts down communists with a gusto known only to the devil himself!

So when communists invade your neighborhood, just tune your Wattz brand radio to AM 810 or FM 52.7, and make sure to turn the dial all the way up!

Only when you play the music of America will the Black Devil recognize you as a true patriot and come to the rescue!

The Devil's Music

As a true patriot, the Black Devil loves all songs that celebrate America. But of that large and illustrious catalogue, three in particular distinguish themselves as his favorites.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic is a song that foretells the judgment of the wicked. For when the Red Army hears its melody on the breath of our soldiers, they will crumble in agony and pain, as their ears are too frail to withstand the sheer sonic power of freedom.

The Stars and Stripes Forever is the heartbeat of a military march. While the Battle Hymnn prepares one for war, the Stars and Stripes are the echoes of artillery fire, the sheet music of war.

Lastly, America the Beautiful. Not much more needs to be said about this timeless ballad, for America's beauty is what we fight for and aspire to protect.

That is why these three songs have been chosen as the Black Devil's signature music. As a soldier, warrior, and God-fearing American, when he hears them played on the radio, he will answer the call!

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