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The Beast of Grafton - Part 2 is a holotape in Fallout 76 and is part of the Tales from the West Virginia Hills series of holotapes.


  • Grafton - South side of town. Inside the voting tent southeast of the church, past the large water fountain on Beech St. Tall flagpole outside the tent and blocked in by military barricades.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 1. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


Narrator; Tonight, we bring you the final chapter of The Beast of Grafton. When last we left of, two teenagers, Robby Cochrall and Peggy Mansfield were running for their lives after a harrowing car accident, trying to escape a frightening creature stalking them.


Robby: See, you're doing great, just like when won that three-legged race in the park. We're almost to the hospital.

(Loud footsteps and growling)

Peggy: Oh no. There it is. I see it. Coming out of the woods!

Robby: It's bigger than a bear!

Peggy: And look it has no head! It's just flesh and muscle and claws! Robby, it wasn't a boulder we hit. It was that... thing!

Robby: It's ok. We're here, we made it. Door's locked. Hello? Anyone in there? Help us!

Doctor: My my, what's going on? Who are you?

Robby: Please doctor, there's been an accident. My girlfriend's injured.

Peggy: There's something after us, a monster, in the woods.

Doctor: Oh, a monster you say.

Robby: I know, it sounds crazy but, I hit it with my car and...

Doctor: Ah, I see. It's just you two?

Peggy: Yes, it's just us. Won't you help us doctor? Please!

Doctor: Of course, we'll take care of you dear. Do come in, come in!

Robby: See? I told you everything was going to be ok, Peggy. Doctor, are you going to call the police about the... thing outside?

Doctor: Well, all in good time, son. First, let's have a look at the girl's foot. Lie down on this table, dear.

Peggy: Is it bad, doctor?

Doctor: Nothing we can't fix right up. I think a little shot should do the trick.

Peggy: Aww!

Robby: What's that shot for?

Doctor: I told you, to fix her.

Peggy: Doctor, my arm's starting to tingle, it that normal?

Doctor: Oh yes, quite normal.

Peggy: Ow, it's really burning now!

Doctor: Hold still, my dear.

Robby: Hey! Why you strapping her down like that?

Doctor: Just following procedure.

(Low growl)

Peggy: In the hallway, it's the monster!

Doctor: Actually, that's an entirely different subject. She's been much more agreeable than the escaped one you encountered earlier on the road.

Robby: These monsters are yours?

Doctor: Why of course! Though monster's a gross mischaracterization of the extraordinary enhancements of evolution we've achieved here.

Peggy: My whole body is burning!

Robby: Evolution? I don't understand.

Doctor: Oh you will, my boy, eh eh, you both will!

Robby: What is this place? Hey! Let go of me!

Peggy: Ah! What's happening? I feel so... strange!

Monstrous voice,presumably Peggy: Robby? Robby!

Robby: Ahh, ahh!

Narrator: Tonight's gruesome tale taught us several things. You can't always trust a good Samaritan. Be cautious driving through the woods near Grafton, and birthday wishes don't always come true. Be sure to tune in next week for another thrilling chapter of Tales from the West Virginia Hills!

Behind the scenes

The fictional character of Robby was voiced by Erich Schuett in this holotape.