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The Alamo is a location in the Texas Wasteland.


The Great War was merciful to the town surrounding the Alamo, San Antonio. Only one bomb fell, blasting the northern part of the town into a crater. The Alamo itself by chance, was completely untouched.

About fifty years after the end of the War, the Brotherhood of Steel moved in, making it their main base of operations for Texas.[1]


The Alamo consists of one medium map of the exterior of the base itself, and four medium maps that take place underground.[1]

Related questsEdit

  • If the player character sided with Keats in Austin they will be sent to the Brotherhood compound, which is under siege from the Twisted Hairs. They will meet with Paladin Haig and be briefed and charged with taking out Harpy, the leader of the Twisted Hairs.[1]
  • If the player character sided with Shale in Austin they will sent to aid the Twisted Hairs in there attack on the base. They will meet up with Harpy, be told about the invasion and charged with getting into the compound and taking out Haig.[1]


The attack on the Alamo was a ploy by Miles Reese, a crazed Cipher who anonymously tipped off Harpy about the Brotherhoods location.[1]


The Alamo was going to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Alamo is a direct reference to a real-world location in San Antonio, Texas. This location proved pivotal in the Texas Revolution.


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