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This is a transcript for dialogue with Karl.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Well, well. I haven't had a customer in a while. Last one I had was a bit chewy... know what I mean? {sarcasm laden} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 You gonna gawk all day or are you gonna buy something? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 So, what do you need? 3
MS09FamKarlCT01BlackWidow Hey, hot stuff. Why don't you tell me how I can see Ian? Surprise 70 Now that's more like it! I finally won't have to pay for it anymore. Ha ha ha! {laugh at the end} 4
Happy 50 Ah hell, here's the password to the pipsqueak's room. Come back and see me after you talk to him... 5
MS09FamKarlCT01Strength I'm going to kick your ass all over this Metro station if you don't help me! Surprise 80 Finally! Someone with some balls around this place! 6
Happy 50 Here's the password to that little pipsqueak's room... why don't you go knock some sense into him? Ha ha ha! {laugh at the end} 7
MS09FamKarlCT02 You really have a bad attitude. Disgust 70 That's me. You don't like it? Tough! 8
MS09FamKarlCT03 Can't you just help out without being so mean? Sad 50 Awwww. I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? Sniff. {Feign a crying sniffle at the end.} 9
Anger 50 Tough shit! This is the real world. You want to know something, find it out your damn self. 10
MS09FinTLBuyStuff Let me see what you have. Neutral 50 Sure! Take a look around! 11
MS09TLBuyStuff Can I see what you have for sale? Disgust 80 If your caps are good, you can buy whatever you like. Beats standing there drooling all over the merchandise. 12
Can I see what you have for sale? Disgust 80 Come back and see me when I'm mindin' the store. You better bring caps... there's no handouts to be had around here! 13
MS09TLLaws Please, help me understand your Laws. Disgust 50 When Vance stands on that balcony and starts mouthing off like some kind of preacher, it makes me wanna puke. 14
Disgust 50 But if I wanna keep this place stocked I gotta have his permission, so I learned his Fifth Law. 15
Disgust 50 "Kill not our kindred; slay only the enemy. This is our justice." Pretty silly if you ask me. 16
MS09TLLookingforIanWest I'm looking for Ian West. Have you seen him? Disgust 50 Do I look like a fucking babysitter? I don't know where he is. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you anyway. 17
Anything else you can tell me about Ian West? Disgust 50 Ian, Ian, Ian! Is that all you've got to say? Sheesh. 18
MS09TLWhatisMeresti What is this place? Disgust 70 This place is my place of business. If you wanna buy something, then buy. If you wanna flap your lips, take a hike. 19
MS09TLWhoAreFamily Tell me about the Family. Disgust 60 We're the last people you want to mess with... that's for damn sure. 20


GOODBYE I have to go now. Disgust 50 Say it ain't so! {mocking tone} 21
I have to go now. Disgust 50 What are you staring at me for then? 22
I have to go now. Anger 50 All right, all right. Don't get your nuts in a twist. 23
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Whatever. You'll come see me again when you need something. 24
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Human or not, I don't care. You got caps, I got stuff. 25
HELLO Happy 50 Anything you need, I got it. 26
HELLO Neutral 50 I'll be at my store later. Catch me there in the Common Area. 27
HELLO Happy 50 If you're here to give blood, we're always willing to accept.... Just kidding! {Pause and say last phrase less serious. (its a joke)} 28
HELLO Neutral 50 How's life treating ya? 29
MS09MerestiRandom01 MS09MerestiRandom01 Disgust 50 Yeah, yeah. What is it now? 30
MS09MerestiRandom01 Disgust 50 Crappy as usual. No one's been by here in ages to buy anything and Vance is crawlin' up my ass cause of that mess in Arefu. 31
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Surprise 60 Whoopee! Let's throw a party cause little Alan learned to stop acting like a goddamn animal! Hurray! {heavy on the sarcasm} 32
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 50 Cool your jets, sweet cheeks. You're jumpin' from bed to bed faster than a Radroach on a hotplate. 33
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Disgust 70 Yeah, yeah... your husband is already reading me the riot act. No need to get your panties in a bunch. 34
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 50 Stop wasting your time on that crybaby. You wanna make friends, go talk to Brianna. She'll take care of you. 35
MS09MerestiResponsestoVance MS09MerestiRandom02 Disgust 50 Yeah, I've heard this song and dance before. What good is it if we can't really kick those humans where it hurts? 36