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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brianna.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Well, well. I'm surprised you don't know me. I'm Brianna. I... take care of the men around here. Well, unmarried ones anyway. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there. 2
GREETING Happy 70 Hiya kid! 3
MS09FamBriannaCT01 I could be his friend. Sad 50 Well, that is sweet, but Vance would kick my rather gorgeous ass right out of here if I told you how to find Ian. Sorry. 4
MS09FamBriannaCT01Ladykiller Tell me how to see Ian and maybe we can talk... in private. Happy 70 My oh my, that would tempting. If you were that good, maybe I'd pay you! Ha ha ha. {laugh at the end} 5
Happy 70 Tell you what, handsome... let me give you the password to Ian's room. Maybe you could talk to him and make him feel better. 6
MS09FamBriannaCT02 He really shouldn't be here. Neutral 50 I think this is the best place for him. Out there, he'd be hunted like all of us were. Sorry. 7
MS09TLLaws Please, help me understand your Laws. Happy 50 When we all gather in the common area, Vance gives his speeches and then we each have like a Law to say. 8
Happy 50 Mine is "Bear not the child; welcome only the exile. This is our fate." Kinda cool, huh? 9
MS09TLLookingforIanWest I'm looking for Ian West. Have you seen him? Neutral 50 Vance has him in meditation right now. No one's supposed to be in there. 10
Happy 50 Poor kid... he looks like he could use another friend. 11
Anything else you can tell me about Ian West? Neutral 50 Nope. Like I told ya, Vance has him in meditation right now. No one's supposed to be in there. 12
MS09TLWhatisMeresti What is this place? Disgust 70 It's the last place I ever expected to end up. 13
Happy 50 I mean look at this place... it's so dark and dingy. What this place needs is a lady's touch. 14
Fear 70 But don't tell Vance that I said that. 15
MS09TLWhoAreFamily Tell me about the Family. Happy 60 How about just the coolest gang this side of the U.S.? 16
Happy 50 As long as we listen to Vance's rules and listen to his stuff, he lets us do pretty much whatever we want. 17


GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Bye, sweetie! 18
I have to go now. Happy 70 Bye bye now! 19
I have to go now. Happy 50 Okay, I'm sorry Vancie. I'll be a good girl. {Vancie = Vance - E (play on his name not a typo)} 20
I have to go now. Disgust 50 You are the biggest jerk ever! Humph! 21
I have to go now. Happy 50 Bye bye! 22
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 You got the cash, I got the time. 23
HELLO Happy 50 Howdy, handsome. 24
HELLO Neutral 50 Howdy, cutie. 25
HELLO Happy 50 Come back to the "scary vampire lair" have we? He he he! {Sarcasm on the thing in quotes.} 26
HELLO Happy 50 Well hey there, cutie... how's it hangin'? 27
HELLO Happy 50 Well hey there, sweetie... how's tricks? 28
MS09MerestiRandom01 MS09MerestiRandom01 Happy 50 Of course. 29
MS09MerestiRandom01 Happy 70 Oh, just dandy! I think the new guy is so darn cute. Never had someone so young before in this place. 30
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 60 Ha! I told you! In bed you were mumbling about how you think Vance is all disappointed with your progress. I knew he wasn't. 31
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 50 Yeah and I bet he was taking it out on you. Not getting any really for a while can drive you crazy. 32
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 50 Well, I just may have to do something special for Mr. Gloomy to cheer him up. 33
MS09MerestiResponsestoFamily Happy 50 Oh, I like it when you talk dirty like that, old man. He he he. 34
MS09MerestiResponsestoVance MS09MerestiRandom02 Happy 50 Awww... then how am I supposed to keep morale up around this dingy place? 35