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Scoot Conroy claims to have answers about the Sheepsquatch.

That Sinking Feeling is a quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Involves finding the following holotapes/notes:

The player must then battle the cannibal husk of Scott Conroy.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Start the quest by finding and reading a copy of C.H. Monthly, January. A copy is located at the Southern Belle Motel, on an outdoor table near Boomer. Another copy can be found in Point Pleasant on the third floor of the barbershop near the edge of town.

Find Scoot's shack which is located south of the motel. It will be marked on the map.

After reaching Scoot's shack, access his terminal to find out where he went. Accessing his private research will require a password. The password is MA-RI-11-17.

  • The clue to the password is in Letter to L which is sitting next to the terminal. Scoot's cat "Mari" has the key to his heart and Mari's birthday as listed in the terminal entry "Birthday Present Ideas" is 11/17.

Read Scoot's sheepsquatch research and find out that he most recently went to investigate a sunken church east of Haven Church. Travel to the area marked on the map and search for the sunken church.

Enter the church and search for clues as to what happened to Scoot:

  • Day 1 - Note, on the ground at the start of the tunnel beneath the church building.
  • Day 82 - Note, on the ground near some church windows in the sunken building.
  • A new day - Note, on an altar in the sunken building.

Scott Conroy, who has now become a wendigo, will spawn. Kill him to complete the quest.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find Scoot's shackAfter reading a "Cryptid Hunter Monthly" issue on the Sheepsquatch, I discovered that someone named Scoot Conroy had left a handwritten message at the bottom. He claims to know the "truth" about the Sheepsquatch. I should search his shack for clues to learn more.
? Check Scoot's terminal to see where he went
? Solve the passphrase to Scoot's researchI've tried to access the "Research" section of Scoot's computer, but it requires a special passphrase. I should look around his shack and in other parts of the terminal to see if I can find a hint about what the passphrase could be. The phrase is 4 letters plus 4 numbers.
? (Hint) Scoot seems to really love his catsWhile looking for clues about Scoot's passphrase, I read a letter with a lot of details about his cats. Seems like they are very important to him. He mentioned a list of Birthday present ideas on his terminal. Maybe I can find hints about the passphrase there? The phrase is 4 letters plus 4 numbers.
? (Optional) Read "Letter to L" for clues
? Read Scoot's researchI've unlocked the "Research" section of Scoot's terminal. That passphrase was the name of his cat Mari and her birthday. I should read his research files to see what I can learn.
? Find out where Scoot went most recentlyI've found an entry about the Sheepsquatch on Scoot's terminal. Hardly what I would call definitive proof. I should see if I can find out where Scoot went most recently -- I may be able to find more clues there.
? Find the sunken churchScoot left behind research notes on a sunken church in the Mire. It seems this was the last place he went before he disappeared. I should try to find this church.
? Enter the sunken churchI've found a sunken church in the Mire. It looks like this is a place where Scoot could have easily gotten hurt or lost. I should enter the church to see what I could find.
? Search the sunken church for signs of Scoot
? (Optional) Find all clues in the sunken church (#/#)I've found the final note left behind by Scoot. I seems he may have lost his mind. When I picked up the note, a strange creature attacked me.
?Quest finishedKill the creature