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Tessa's fist is a piece of unique raider right arm power armor in Fallout 4.


Tessa's Fist is a unique variant of the raider power armor right arm, and is the only piece of armor in the game that has the "almost unbreakable" Legendary armor effect. This effect provides Tessa's Fist with quadruple the normal armor health when compared to a normal raider power armor right arm.

This armor's base stats provide a Damage Resistance of 50 and an Energy Resistance of 25. It also comes equipped with the hydraulic bracers armor mod by default, which increases Unarmed Damage by 15.


Piece Mod slot Name Description Effects Components Form ID
Tessa's Fist Plate Standard Plate Standard ????????
Titanium Plating Improves DR +20 DR
+50 Durability
3x Aluminum ????????


Found on Tessa in the Quincy ruins.


PCPC The default hydraulic bracers equipped are for T-60 instead of raider power armor. When removed, they cannot be reattached, but can be installed on T-60 arms. [verified]