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The Tesla robot is a Vault-Tec security robot model implemented in the company's Secret Vault. Like its fellow security robots, it is a three-legged orb-like walker. Tesla robots use powerful electric blasts generated by special Tesla device mounted on them to attack possible threats to the well-being of the Vault. However, no security robots could protect the Secret Vault from an army of super mutants.

Vault-Tec also developed a special bodyguard programming called "Mr. Buddy" for Tesla robots, probably to help scientists from the laboratories to feel much more safe when going up into the Wasteland or doing research on living subjects. However, "Mr. Buddy" was never finished and left in a Beta state.

There are some Mr. Buddy consoles in the Secret Vault Laboratory 3 which could be used to buy three special Tesla robots, which could be used against super mutants by the Initiate.

Mr. Buddy Variations

Robo-bud MK-I

Cost : 10000 caps

This one looks and acts exactly like a normal Tesla robot but a little more powerful.

Robo-bud MK-II

Cost : 50000 caps

This one is a bit larger than normal Tesla robot, and also stronger and resistant.

Prototype robo-bud MK-X

Cost : 100000 caps

This one is a prototype, improved model of Tesla robot. Surprisingly, it's even smaller than normal Tesla robots, only a bit bigger than service robot. But the MK-X is the strongest of them and could obliterate many super mutants in few seconds.


All Tesla robots appear only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.