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Tesla T-60 armor is a set of unique armor parts in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


Although collectively called Tesla armor, the set consists only of arms and torso pieces. All three provide a slight bonus to damage dealt with energy weapons of 5% per item, or 15% if all three are equipped. Tesla T-60 armor pieces always display the "Tesla" identifier in their name regardless of upgrades or mods.


All three parts can be acquired during the quest Headhunting by killing Ivey in the Fort Hagen hangar.


  • Installing the Tesla bracers mod into an arm piece results in its name being changed to "Tesla bracers Tesla T-60 (armor piece)."
  • Outfitting the torso piece with a jetpack will result in the latter clipping through the Tesla tanks mounted to the torso's back.
  • Painting the Tesla left arm with any Brotherhood of Steel paint slightly covers the sigil.
  • In the Polish version of the game the default armor is named Tesla T-59.