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Tenpenny Tower terminal entries are entries found on terminals in Tenpenny Tower in Fallout 3.

Lounge computer

Note: This terminal is located on the counter in the Federalist Lounge. It has an Easy lock.


RobCo Service Terminal

For More Top Of The Line
RobCo Products See
Your Local Showroom.

Reset Price List

Note: Accessing this command performs a function.[clarification needed]


> Prices reset.

10% Holiday Discount

Note: Accessing this command performs a function.[clarification needed]


> Holiday price schedule loaded.

Set up 50% VIP Discount

Note: Accessing this command performs a function.[clarification needed]


> VIP discount enabled.


Note: These two wall terminals are located on the walls behind the counters in New Urban Apparel and Boutique Le Chic. Both have Average locks.


SoftLock Solutions, Inc
"Your Security is Our Security"
>\ Welcome, USER

Disengage Lock

Note: Accessing this command unlocks the safe on the wall next to the terminal.


> Clearance granted, Unlocking...

Exploration database

Note: This terminal is found on the desk in Herbert Dashwood's room.


Hello, Daring! May the twilight of your life be filled with the same wonder and adventure as your youth.


King Crag


Good Ole' Craggy, King of Rockopolis.

He offered Argyle and me shelter back in the summer of '48. Unfortunately, there was a little incident with his daughter, and we were exiled.

We sought shelter again a couple years later, but Craggy didn't take to kindly to us luring the Slavers into his hidden underground city.

That was the last time I ever saw Argyle -- right after he saved my hide for the hundredth time.

Miss Penelope Chase


Miss Penelope Chase -- Two-timing bitch. She got what she deserved.

Destiny Chao


My dearest Destiny.

Harlot par excellence and the proprietor of the Blue Destiny Brothel. One of the loveliest women I've ever had the pleasure to pleasure.

Sadly, she died from cholera in the summer of '49 (an event that closed down the brothel forever).



The best manservant a guy could ask for.

Tough, loyal, and a hell of a good friend (even if he did smell like a bag of rotten meat, but what's a Ghoul gonna do?).

The last time I saw Argyle was in Rockopolis, decades ago. I know he's still out there... somewhere.

Harmon Jurley


Slaver leader and psychotic cannibal, circa 2250. See entry on Paradise Falls.


Paradise Falls


The most dangerous dump in the Capital Wasteland.

The Slavers there would have bought and sold anything with a pulse. They still will, from what I hear.

Back in my day, they were more disorganized, though. Their leader was a guy named Harmon Jurley, a psychotic son of a bitch who was rumored to eat the slaves he couldn't sell.



An underground city.

Not a bad a accomplishment, all things considered, but their leader, King Crag, became too isolationist for his own good.

Okay, so I accidentally led the Slavers there and those bastards cleaned the place out. It was an honest mistake.

Blue Destiny Brothel


The best damn whorehouse in the Capital Wasteland. Strong booze and soft women. It shut down in the summer of '49 when most of the ladies died from a cholera outbreak.



A city of the dead. Or undead, as some would believe.

Underworld was, and is, a settlement of Ghouls, established in an old art exhibit in the Museum of American History.

Argyle and I used to go there quite a bit. I was even voted "Honorary Ghoul" back in '51. I really should go back and visit sometime.



A town built around an undetonated atomic bomb. My kind of place!

Megaton is pretty well fortified now, but back in my day it was even more ramshackle. Great place to grab a drink or a broad.

I hear Moriarty even has his own place now. Guess that shouldn't surprise me. That guy had been playing the angles since the day he ended up in this country, as a kid.




Goddamn walking crabs.

Tough to kill, but pretty delicious afterwards. The outer carapace is hell to penetrate, though. Good thing their face isn't armored (and Argyle had such a good right jab).

Feral Ghouls


Ghouls gone bad. Their brains had rotted through so much, they lost the ability to think straight.

Argyle and I fought these hapless zombie bastards more times than I can count.

I think he actually liked killing them -- saw it as some sort of revenge against God for his own situation, or something.



I've been a lot of places in my day, and everywhere you'd find those damned Radscorpions.
Rumor was they'd descended from Emperor Scorpions, which you could find in pretty much any pet store in the country when bombs fell. I guess that explains their population.

Yao Guai


Bears, or the Capital Wasteland's equivalent, anyway.

You're not going to find one of these babies balancing on a big rubber ball, though, I can tell you that much. They're are vicious as they come -- razor sharp claws, razor sharp teeth. Nasty, nasty temperament.



I have to admit, I've always been fascinated by these things.

Such an ingenious creation -- a robot powered by a brain, and a sexy dame's voice. Of course, I always had to wonder. Were they human brains? Were they actually the brains of sexy dames?? Or is it all monkey brains and recordings?

Anyway, I got hit by one of their mind blasts once. Hell of a headache for three days.

Cheng personal computer

Note: This wall terminal is located on the wall next to the desk in the Cheng suite.


Welcome, Comrade!

Rebuilding Proposal


"We excel at destroying the old world, and we excel at building a new one."
- Chairman Cheng

Two hundred years ago, Chairman Cheng led his armies to defeat the decadent rulers of this land. Now, his humble descendant, Comrade Cheng, shall lead its noble people to rebuild a brighter land in its place!

By uniting to work together, we can eradicate the twin dangers of lawlessness and disease. With unified soldiers, we can cleanse the land of beasts and highwaymen. With organized farmers, we can overcome starvation and poverty.

When competing villages are destroyed, all must unite under the glorious leadership of Comrade Cheng and the Tenpenny Commune!

Daily Affirmation


> Win glory for our motherland!

DCTA emergency access terminal

Note: This wall terminal is directly above the counter and directly next to the window to the containment room. It has an Easy lock.


New Amended Espionage Act, 50 U.S.C, 31 and 32 prohibits unauthorized use, subject to a fine of $500.00, and possible imprisonment.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Activate Containment Doors to gain access to tunnel system. Stay clear of the tracks, and have a nice day.

Distress call to DCTA


> FAILED to connect to DCTA Security.

Open Containment Door

Note: Accessing this command unlocks and opens the containment door.


> Opening... FAILED relay to DCTA Sec.

Close Containment Door


> Failure... contact DCTA maintenance office