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* Sometimes when fast traveling to the tower, [[Hoss (Fallout 3)|Hoss]] & [[Pek]] will be outside the building.
* Sometimes when fast traveling to the tower, [[Hoss (Fallout 3)|Hoss]] & [[Pek]] will be outside the building.
* There is a unmarked quest where [[Herbert Dashwood]] asks you to find his ghoul manservent [[argyle]]
* There is a unmarked quest where [[Herbert Dashwood]] asks you to find his ghoul manservent [[argyle]]
* Roy Phillips may sometime be hostile when first approaching Tenpenny Tower.

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This page is about the location. For the quest, see Tenpenny Tower (quest).

Tenpenny Tower is a private hotel re-arranged from an intact pre-War luxury hotel located southwest of Megaton. It's now the refuge of the reclusive Allistair Tenpenny who allows people in for the "right price." However, he is seemingly biased against ghouls and will not let them in.


Before the Great War, the tower, later know as Tenpenny Tower, was a luxury hotel. After the Great War, the building was still intact. Upon the discovery of the abandoned building, Allistair Tenpenny set to work restoring it to its pre-War glory. This suggests that he had made substantial amounts of money since his arrival from England, but it is unclear how. The building even has radiation-free water in the luxury apartments, one of the few places in the Capital Wasteland to have it.



The structure itself is surrounded by tall concrete walls, which creates a compound of sorts. Around the rear of the building is the entrance to the Generator Room, which is used in the quest Tenpenny Tower. There is also a covered area to the right of the main gate, which serves as the guard's quarters. The building did not completely escape damage from the bombs, and was repaired with scrap metal on the facing that took the damage.

Of important note is that the wall can be jumped over to get inside. This is particularly useful if the player does not want to pay the entrance bribe and has not attached the Fusion Pulse Charge to the bomb in Megaton. To get inside, go to the west side of the wall and look for a relatively large crop of rocks. There will be a portion of the wall missing there, and it will be lying on the ground against the rest of the barrier. Jump on top of the broken piece and then through the gap.

Should the player choose to enter through the wall without ever coming through the actual gate, the gate can be opened from the inside by interacting with the speaker near the guard posted there.


Upon first entrance to the tower itself, you find yourself in the Lobby area. There are several stores branching off from the main area. There are some apartments on the upper level, the entrance to the apartments up some stairs at the back, and an elevator to the penthouse suites. The apartments are located on the third floor of the building, and is arranged around the elevator shaft.

The Penthouse suites level contains the accommodation of Allistair Tenpenny, Irving Cheng, Mr. Burke and Susan Lancaster. There is also a suite that the player can acquired as a reward for completing The Power of the Atom. The players suite shares a balcony with Allistair Tenpenny's accommodations where Mr. Tenpenny can be found hunting with his sniper rifle

It is notable that while it is possible to steal from the safes and cash boxes of the store owners, doing so causes the store owners to complain about security and leave, meaning you cannot shop from them. However, you can subsequently follow them outside Tenpenny Tower and then kill them for their inventory keys without making the other residents hostile.


Notable loot

Inside the Tower

Outside the Tower

  • A Tumblers Today, scoped .44 magnum, locked ammunition box (average) with .44 magnum rounds, a leaf blower, surgical tubing and a couple stimpaks can be found south east of Tenpenny Tower on the second floor in a ruined office building/skyscraper. The building is clearly visible outside the front gate of Tenpenny Tower when facing south-east. The building is also the site of a type "A" random encounter.
  • Duck and Cover! in a destroyed house directly West of Tenpenny Tower. It should be the first destroyed house you encounter, on a bookshelf.
  • A safe containing a silenced 10mm pistol and 10mm ammunition, bottle caps and pre-War money is in the house north-northwest (two hashmarks, 23 deg., on your compass more north of northwest) of the house with Duck and Cover!. Head north-northwest till you see a chimney of a demolished house, its in the Southwest corner of the rubble pile to the South of the chimney. (XBox360 and PS3: safe has random loot)
  • Immediately east coming out of Tenpenny Tower is a small one room building called Willy's grocer. It contains a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on the store counter, and a hard-locked safe behind the counter contains some .32 caliber rounds, a .32 pistol, some pre-War money, and a random piece of junk.

Related quests


  • A suite becomes available to The Lone Wanderer if he/she assists Mister Burke in detonating the atomic bomb at the center of Megaton.
  • The toilets and sinks on the top floor have no radiation effects on the player.
  • The tower seems to have the second highest amount of living plants in the Wasteland, besides of course Oasis.
  • There is an area along the west side of Tenpenny Tower where you can jump over the wall. You can talk to Gustavo as though he had let you inside, and take the Tenpenny Tower quest.
  • If you return to Tenpenny Tower some time after completing the quest "Tenpenny Tower" in favor of the ghouls, you will notice that all the occupants are now ghouls. When you question Roy and his people about this, you will find out that they killed all of the human tenants because of a "misunderstanding". Roy additionally claims that they all had it coming and that no one is innocent in the wasteland. Michael Masters also tells the player to ignore the smell coming from the basement. In the basement the player will find a feral ghoul amongst the dead bodies of the former residents, robbed of their clothing and possessions.
  • Following Roy into Tenpenny Tower after equipping the ghoul mask will allow the player to see the wrecked version of the tower as well as feral ghouls attacking the humans. While this is happening you can take items such as food, alcohol, clothing etc. from the stores with no karma loss. Only the safes and cash registers will be red. The skill books mentioned above respawn, meaning you can take them again.
  • If you jump over the wall to get in the tower, it is possible that you can open the main gate by activating the intercom by Gustavo. However on the other side of the wall you can't open the gate with that intercom.
  • After completing Broken Steel, raiders outside Tenpenny Tower will try to ambush BoS soldiers transporting water (one has a Gatling laser). They will respawn every 3 days giving a good supply of BoS equipment.
  • At the top of the tower if you manage to push a follower off they will reappear on the balcony again unharmed.
  • If you choose not to blow up Megaton you can still enter the empty suite. You must convince the guard outside Allistair Tenpenny's room to let you see him. Then you can simply walk around the balcony to the empty suite and enter it. However the door to the main room still requires the key. (This has been corrected by an update.)
  • If you side with Roy Phillips in the Tenpenny Tower quest the tower becomes the second ghoul-only settlement in the Capital Wasteland, the other being Underworld.
  • Sometimes Mr. Burke will live at Tenpenny Tower even after the ghouls move in.
  • There is a bug that if you blow up megaton, get the apartment, leave, get the "You gotta shoot them in the head" mission, then shoot Tenpenny when he is outside with his gun out, Mister Burke will run and shoot at you as well, but you can fast travel away, return after about 12 hours, and no-one will shoot at you or be angry. It's definitely a glitch because the residents of Tenpenny Tower still refer to Mr. Tenpenny as they would normally. This bug also occurs regardless of whether or not you have killed Tenpenny during the above mentioned quest, for example, if you just kill him randomly without even starting the quest no one will turn hostile.
  • If you ask for the gate to the building to be opened through the intercom and then fast travel, it might stay open, eliminating the need to open the gate everytime you go there.
  • Sometimes when fast traveling to the tower, Hoss & Pek will be outside the building.
  • There is a unmarked quest where Herbert Dashwood asks you to find his ghoul manservent argyle
  • Roy Phillips may sometime be hostile when first approaching Tenpenny Tower.


Tenpenny Tower appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • According to an interview in 1UP magazine Emil Pagliarulo confirmed that Tenpenny Tower was slightly inspired by Fiddler's Green, the skyscraper in George Romero's Land of the Dead.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 On rare occasions if you go onto the back of the balcony and aim at the door, you will see a gray, green and white flashing, mainly caused by a glitch in the games coding.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 It's possible to get the front gate of Tenpenny Tower to remain open indefinitely by fast-traveling away while it's in the process of opening. This helps save a few seconds on subsequent visits to the location. However you must be quick about it.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If you mezz and collar the main gate guard, he will no longer open the door and the game will freeze. This will also occur if the guard is killed on his way to Paradise Falls.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 There is a rare glitch that is nearly identical to the one found in Shalebridge that makes the game freeze/crash when an attempt is made to enter Tenpenny Tower Lobby, resulting in being permanently cut-off from your suite and anything else in the tower.
  • Sometimes, when entering/exiting the lobby, the game will freeze and will still play music. The wheel at the bottom of the screen will have stopped spinning. The only way to stop this is to turn off your console. If on Xbox 360, the guide won't show up but will make the sound if you press the guide button.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When exiting your Tenpenny Tower suite onto the balcony, the player may drop dead after a short (2-3 Minutes) wait.(unconfirmed)
  • Looting Lydia Montenegro's wall safe before you buy the Schematics - dart gun from her will result in her not allowing the option to purchase from her. This will prevent you from getting the schematic.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 On rare occasions, if you convince Tenpenny to let Roy Philips and his ghouls to live in Tenpenny Tower, Tenpenny will randomly die without any signs of his body or equipment. (this is not a bug, this is supposed to happen, as when you speak to Roy after Tenpenny disappears he will say something like they had a disagreement")
  • If you decide to disarm the bomb in Megaton and you get in Tenpenny Tower for 100 caps you can go through Allistar Tenpenny's door to the balcony and go to the back door of the "Empty Suite" you can go in without picking a lock and you will not lose karma.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 If Fawkes is following you when entering the Generator Room from the lobby, he will not appear beside you as you spawn on the other side but instead will spawn in the room beyond the locked door at the bottom of the stairs where the feral ghouls wait after you unlock the exterior basement door outside Tenpenny Tower. When you descend the stairs he will slowly slide through the door to join you. If you have already entered the basement using the key but did not yet unlock the door for the feral ghouls, you can use this glitch to have Fawkes spawn in the room where he will attack the feral ghouls. This has no effect on the outcome of the Tenpenny Tower quest as the tower will still be overrun by feral ghouls after unlocking the door.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Residents in Tenpenny Tower will not spawn and may not reappear after days or may never reappear.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 If the player has the Tennpeny Tower Quest, and kills all the residents of Tennpeny tower, and then goes through the outside entrance to the Metro access and Generator in Tennpeny Tower, the player can talk to Roy Phillips through the wall. However, it is not possible to enter through that area. If the player tells Roy Phillips that all the residents are killed, and leaves the Metro access and Generator, you find him standing at the doors to Tenpenny Tower. The player can talk to him, however Roy Phillips will not give the player the ghoul mask, as promised in the deal. If the player tries to go inside Tennpeny tower again, he will be attacked by a feral ghoul near the entrance. This makes all the ghouls attack you, including Roy Phillips. Also, Roy Philips will not have the mask on his body if killed.


Tenpenny Tower
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