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Tenleytown/Friendship Station is a Metro tunnel that connects the two stations. It must be traversed to get to the Galaxy News Radio station through the Chevy Chase North exit in the south.


Friendship Station is to the north and is populated by a raider, several feral ghouls, and some radroaches. You can exit the station to Friendship Heights from here. In the train tunnels just north of the station, there is a glowing one or feral ghoul reaver and a feral ghoul that has killed a mercenary; beside the body is a laser rifle.

Tenleytown Station is the area encompassing the southern rail platform. It is nearest the exit to Chevy Chase North where two radroaches skitter about it. The corpses of several very recently deceased feral ghouls lead out onto the platform from the Chevy Chase access point, and several live feral ghouls can be found below the platform with a lone super mutant guarding the entrance of the tunnel leading north. The super mutant will attack the surviving ghouls if it detects them, but whether or not it was the cause of the massacre on the platform is unknown. Further north up the tunnel at the utility junction between the tracks lines is an Eat'o'tronic wall dispenser and a Nuka Cola Machine. Three radroaches can be found here which when detected may scatter southward down the tunnel alerting the super mutant.

Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Up the escalator at the Friendship station, Northern part of the map, on a bench.
  • Lying, Congressional Style: On a metal shelf Northeast of the Farragut West Metro Station exit next to a generator. (Be careful not to make the generator explode in a firefight with the ghouls standing in front of it.)
  • Grognak the Barbarian: In the back room of the small office in the northwest part of the map (map point 2). It is laying on the top left shelf of lockers on the east wall. (It's a bit hard to find; look at the picture for help)


  • There is a toilet trap in the men's bathroom (at map point 1). It's in the 3rd stall on the right and gives 35 microfusion cells if it is disarmed. To disarm, jump on the toilet's tank and look down into the tank.
  • The name of this station appeared on an advertisement for the Metro.
  • A pair of neutral radroaches can be found in the men's bathroom by the entrance to Tenleytown/Friendship Station that appear as hostile on your HUD.
  • If going through the station, returning to the entrance, a dead raider and two low level ghouls may respawn.
  • In the southwest corner of the train station to the west of the Chevy Chase entrance, there are unusually large metal boxes that contain random loot. Two of these boxes stacked are as tall as the player.


Tenleytown/Friendship Station only appears in Fallout 3.


  • If the player tells Dogmeat to stay in the large room west of A on the southernmost wall, he may disappear.
  • Up the stairs from the Tenleytown station and to the right on a pathway between the two ruined buildings, the chararcter may glitch into the building on the left by walking into the first set of three windows that are there.
  • To the very north, on the western track, there is a spot near the rubble that character might get stuck in. The only way out is to load your last saved game. This spot is easy to get stuck in if you try and sneak around looking for the two ghouls.
  • At the exit to Friendship Heights, behind the gate there is a box that can be difficult to access without using the console to disable clipping. However, this box can be accessed without console commands, if the character faces the correct part of the fence in 3rd person view. The easiest way to find the spot is to enter third person view and duck against the left wall, then slowly strafe right while keeping the reticule on the box. A few steps away from the wall the option to shearch the box should be available.
  • From time to time, the ghouls near the Friendship Station exit will be completely invincible (the characters attacks won't even land). Luckily, these are usually rather weak ghouls.
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