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For the weapon, see The Tenderizer (Fallout 76).

Make them look like Swiss Cheese!

Tenderizer is a perk in Fallout 76, and a perk in the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Make your target receive 5% more damage for 5 seconds after you attack. 003E21F4
2 Make your target receive 7% more damage for 7 seconds after you attack. 003E21F9
3 Make your target receive 10% more damage for 10 seconds after you attack. 003E21FA

Nuclear Winter

This perk requires 9 Charisma points to equip.

Description Form ID
Make your target receive 20% more damage for 10 seconds after you attack. 00479B5F


  • Tenderizer applies a debuff on the target, which increases damage taken from all sources by a fixed percentage.[1]
    • The debuff does not retroactively increase the damage dealt by the shot that applied it.
  • Tenderizer stacks its debuff per hit on a target, up to a maximum of +40% incoming damage at all ranks.[2]
    • A multi-hit weapon, like a shotgun or a beam splitter, will apply multiple stacks per shot, allowing the following hit to deal much more damage.
  • Stacks and synergizes with Taking One for the Team, which also increases incoming damage against a target.
  • As of patch 23, the damage values were increased from 5/6/7% to 5/7/10%. (Adventure Mode only)


Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png The perk card description incorrectly omits the debuff effect stacking up to a maximum of 40%.[verified]

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  1. "This spell is a hack for all perks that need to use the \"Apply Combat Hit Spell\" to place a spell on the target you are attacking. Unhelpfully, only one instance of that perk entry point is allowed to work at the same time, making perks override each other. Therefore they must all cast this single spell, which has conditions to determine which affects to apply. Yeah..."
    Developer note for PerkTargetDebuffSpell (0043CEFE)
  2. This effect is a hidden bonus not implied by the description