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For the weapon in Fallout 3, see The Tenderizer.
For the perk, see Tenderizer (perk).
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The Tenderizer is a two-handed melee weapon in the Fallout 76 add-on Nuclear Winter.


It is a massive and crude hammer crafted from a street sign pole, beer keg and what appears to be a naval mine, cobbled together with rope and other scrap items. The phrase "Hit Meat" is crudely written on the keg, punctuated by an arrow leading towards the spiked head of the hammer.

The sheer size and make of this weapon lends it potential creator as none other than Grahm, who can award it to Vault 76's residents during Meat Week.

Weapon modificationsEdit


  • Given as an uncommon reward after completing Grahm's Meat-Cook. Can be obtained multiple times during the event.


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