"Underground Troubles"
You are in a dark, musty temple. The shadows seem to play tricks with your eyes, and you can hear the faint sound of movement.Fallout 2 in-game description

The Temple of Trials is a building just outside the tribal village of Arroyo.


Little is known about the temple's purpose before the Great War, but it is presumed that the building was a church or a museum. The Temple of Trials possesses very little pre-War technology apart from a chunk of plastic explosives.

It requires the Chosen One to use a variety of their skills to complete.

The temple is infested with giant ants and radscorpions, and contains a few treasures including healing powder, an antidote and a spear, though the player character already has one. Getting through the temple, as its name implies, requires the usage of several of the player character's skills:

  • Obviously, a test of the Chosen One's combat skills.
  • The door from Chapel to Passage must be Lockpicked.
  • The door from Passage to Sanctuary must be blown apart with explosives (which can be found nearby), use with the Traps skill.
  • Several traps can be found and disarmed, or if triggered, can be avoided.
  • The Chosen One cannot rest and must heal through the usage of First Aid and Doctor.
  • The Chosen One can sneak past some enemies.

In the temple's final room is the tribesman Cameron, who challenges the Chosen One to a battle as their final challenge. However, bear in mind that he can be bypassed in other ways depending on the player character's skills:

  • With a high Speech skill Cameron can be talked out of fighting.
  • The Chosen One can steal the key to the door off of him.

When the temple is completed, the Chosen One will earn 300 XP and emerge outside clothed in the familiar Vault jumpsuit, ready to start the next quest.



Though many fans of the series didn't like being forced through a tutorial section each time they started a new game, the game's developers have stated it was a decision forced on them by Interplay to have a compulsory tutorial section.


The Temple of Trials is the first area of Fallout 2, and was designed as a tutorial location. Also is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Structures in the pit in the Passage section like the spiked tower and the stone face come from Planescape: Torment by Black Isle Studios.


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