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Auxiliary template for for use in {{Infobox character}} tag skills section.


Place the following in the parameter |tag skills = on character infoboxes:

{{Tag skills
<!-- insert parameters -->


Base skill level Maximum skill level Skill modifier SPECIAL modifier
academics (VB/JES) x x x
athletics (VB/JES) x x x
barter barter max barter mod chmod, lkmod
big guns big guns max big guns mod enmod, lkmod
deception (VB/JES) x x x
doctor (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
energy weapons energy weapons max energy weapons mod pemod, lkmod
explosives explosives max explosives mod pemod, lkmod
firearms (VB/JES) x x x
first aid (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
gambling (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
guns guns max guns mod agmod, lkmod
investigation (VB/JES) x x x
lockpick lockpick max lockpick mod pemod, lkmod
mechanics (VB/JES) x x x
medic (VB/JES) x x x
medicine medicine max medicine mod inmod, lkmod
melee (VB/JES) x x x
melee weapons melee weapons max melee weapons mod stmod, lkmod
outdoorsman (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
persuasion (VB/JES) x x x
pilot (FoT) x x x
repair repair max repair mod inmod, lkmod
science science max science mod inmod, lkmod
security (VB/JES) x x x
small guns small guns max small guns mod agmod, lkmod
sneak sneak max sneak mod agmod, lkmod
speech speech max speech mod chmod, lkmod
steal (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
survival survival max survival mod enmod, lkmod
throwing (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
traps (Fo1/Fo2/FoT) x x x
unarmed unarmed max unarmed mod enmod, lkmod


{{Tag skills
|speech       =10
|survival     =10
|survival mod =5
|unarmed      =10
|unarmed max  =20
|enmod        =1
Survival:10 (17)
Unarmed:10→20 (12→22)
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