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Sub-template for {{Stats creature FO76}}.

Template for calculating XP gained from killing a creature. Uses {{CurveTable}} to locate the given level in a predetermined curve table. The XP curve tables are stored in this template.

The Fallout Curve Tables tool can be used to help generate parts of this template.


{{Stats creature FO76/XP|curvetable|level}}


<unnamed 1>
The name of the curve table that the creature uses. Must be one of the following:
  • boss (CT_Creatures_XP_Boss)
  • critter (CT_Creatures_XP_Critter)
  • large (CT_Creatures_XP_Hard)
  • medium (CT_Creatures_XP_Medium)
  • small CT_Creatures_XP_VeryEasy)
<unnamed 2>
The level of the creature.


Wikicode Result
{{Stats creature FO76/XP|critter|1}} 2
{{Stats creature FO76/XP|critter|5}} 3
{{Stats creature FO76/XP|medium|34}} 48
{{Stats creature FO76/XP|boss|87}} 436

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