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Meta-template for constructing standardized creature and robot stat tables. Supports up 5 columns per row, 4 of which can contain 12 icon/data pairs in a 4x3 grid setup.


{{Stats creature
|1        ={{{1|}}}
|headerA  =Example header
|iconB1-1 =exampleicon
|dataB1-1 =Example value

This template creates a table with up to 5 columns ("A" up to "E"). The first column ("A") always contains the name of the creature. Each of the 4 "non-name" columns ("B" up to "E") supports up to 4 nested columns with up to 3 rows of icon/data pairs (or custom text/HTML).

Templates based on this meta-template need to be called (at least) 3 times in order to produce a valid table:

  1. Once with <unnamed 1> set to "start".
  2. Once (at least) with <unnamed 1> set to "row".
  3. Once with <unnamed 1> set to "end".


All parameters are formatted according to the following scheme: A capital letter denotes the table cell, the first number stands for the column within that cell and the second number (after the "-") denotes a row within that column. For example, iconD2-3 is the icon located the fourth table cell ("D"), second column, third row.

(default: "row")
<unnamed 1>
This parameter should always be set to {{{1|}}}. It controls whether the template returns the start of a creature table, its end or a normal row.

Available options (when called from a template contructed with this one):

  • end: Returns end of creature table (closes table).
  • row: Returns normal table row with icons/text according to parameters.
  • start: Returns start of creature table (starts table, inserts header row).
condB1-1 up to condB4-3, condC1-1 up to condC4-3, condD1-1 up to condD4-3, condE1-1 up to condE4-3
Condition for displaying the corresponding icon/data pair. If the condition evaluates to an empty string, the pair is not displayed; if it evaluates to anything else, the pair is displayed. By default, a pair is displayed if the pair's icon parameter has been specified.
dataB1-1 up to dataB4-3, dataC1-1 up to dataC4-3, dataD1-1 up to dataD4-3, dataE1-1 up to dataE4-3
The text displayed to the right of the corresponding icon; usually the actual value of the stat. Each of the 4 "non-name" table cells ("B" up to "E") supports up to 4 columns with up to 3 rows of icon/data pairs.
Sometimes required or at least one required
headerA up to headerE
Name of the table column; text of the header cell.
iconB1-1 up to iconB4-3, iconC1-1 up to iconC4-3, iconD1-1 up to iconD4-3, iconE1-1 up to iconE4-3
Name of icon to be displayed; see {{Icon}} for valid inputs. Each of the 4 "non-name" table cells ("B" up to "E") supports up to 4 columns with up to 3 rows of icon/data pairs.
iconB1-1 link up to iconE4-3 link
Page the corresponding icon should link to. The tooltip displayed when hovering over the icon is automatically changed accordingly unless overridden by the corresponding icon tooltip parameter.
iconB1-1 tooltip up to iconE4-3 tooltip
Tooltip which should be displayed when hovering over the corresponding icon. Only needed if this text should be different from the icon's default tooltip or the corresponding icon link.
Text displayed in left-most cell; should contain the name of the creature/creature variant.
name sub
Text displayed below name; usually the Base ID or something equivalent.
(default: "default")
optionsB up to optionsE
Modifies display of corresponding cell.

Available choices:

  • nocolumns: All icon/data pairs are displayed below each other rather than being organized in columns.
plainB up to plainE
If specified, replaces content of corresponding cell without any formatting applied. No icon/data pairs will be displayed for this cell.
Sets the widths (in percent) of the table columns, separated by "-". For example, setting this parameter to "20-10-30-15-25" would set the first cell's width to 20%, the second cell's width to 10% etc. The sum of all widths for used cells should always be 100.


{{Stats creature
|1                ={{{1|}}}
|headerA          =Name
|headerB          =Stats
|headerC          =Notes
|name             ={{{name|}}}
|iconB1-1         =hp
|dataB1-1         =60
|iconB2-1         =dt
|iconB2-1 link    =Damage Threshold
|dataB2-1         =5
|iconB2-2         =dr
|iconB2-2 link    =Damage Resistance
|iconB2-2 tooltip =Damage reduction
|dataB2-2         =10%
|plainC           =Example text

could be called with:

{{Stats creature|start}}
{{Stats creature|row
|name =Example creature
{{Stats creature|end}}

which would result in:

Example creature
Health points
Damage Threshold
Damage reduction

Example text


  • Auxiliary template: {{Icon}}
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