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Meta-template for building page management message boxes.

Based on {{Mbox}}.


{{Mbox management
|options  ={{{options|}}}
|border   =gray
|image    =Mbox_default.png
|header   =Example header
|content  =Example text
|games    ={{{1|}}}
|details  ={{{2|}}}
|category =example category


Icon optional
If specified, all pages tagged with this templates are automatically added to a category with this name. This parameter represents the "static" part of the category name and the first part of the category links (the second being game names given via games in brackets). For example, if you want the template to add pages to "Category:Merge suggested (Fallout)", "Category:Merge suggested (Fallout 2)", "Category:Merge suggested (Fallout 3)" and so forth, this would need to be "merge suggested".
If games has not been specified, the page is added to a single category based on category. For example, if category is set to "merge suggested" and games has not been specified, the template will add the page to "Category:Merge suggested".
Icon optional
(default: "gray")
Color of left border. Accepts standard HTML color names or RGB hex triplets. The wiki's color conventions are:
Color Used for Example
red serious issues {{Delete}}
orange content issues {{Cleanup}}
blue template issues {{Infobox incomplete}}
purple organization issues {{Merge}}
yellow image issues {{Image needed}}
green stub color {{Stub}}
gray default color
Icon required
Text content of the box, displayed below header and above footer.
Icon optional
Details on the reason why this page was tagged. Displayed in brackets after header.
Icon optional
Text in small font to be displayed below content.
Icon optional
Game abbreviation(s); for accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}. Up to 10 abbreviations can be specified if separated by comma (,). These are used in conjunction with category to add pages with this template to game-specific categories. For usage details, please see category above.
Icon optional
Main title/"headline" of the message box, displayed above content.
Icon optional
(default: "Mbox default.png")
File name of an image (without "File:") which should be displayed on the left side of the box.
Icon optional
Allows to specify options for certain functionalities of the template.

Available options:

  • nocat: No categories are added to the page even if category has been set.
Icon optional
sort key
Sets the sort key, i.e. the term tagged pages are displayed under on category pages.


{{Mbox management
|color    =#F1B82F
|image    =Mbox delete.png
|header   =Example notice
|content  =Example notices serve example purposes.
|footer   =Example notices are not really useful.
|category =example category

results in:

Mbox delete
Example notice
Example notices serve example purposes.

In addition, pages with the template would be added to "Category:Example category".


  • Auxiliary module: Abb
Documentation transcluded from Template:Mbox management/doc.
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