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Display keywords that apply to locations add applicable category automatically. Intended for use with the location infobox template, placed at the bottom.


{{Location keyword FO76|Keyword}}


{{Infobox location
|games            =FO76
|type             =tunnel
|image            =FO76_The_Burrows_North_(entrance).jpg
|cell name        =Burrows01 (interior)
|refid            ={{ID|00473ce3}} (interior)
|editor id        =LocSwampBurrowsLocation
|keywords         = 
* {{Location keyword FO76|LocTypeInteriorCell}}
* {{Location keyword FO76|LocRegionSwampForest}}
* {{Location keyword FO76|LocTypeDungeon}}
* {{Location keyword FO76|LocTypeFastTravelDestination}}


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