Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for embedding audio files in articles. Supports up to 10 files.

Please refer to Help:Audio files for information on file formats supported by MediaWiki and how to convert audio clips to these.


|file  =Example.ogg
|desc  =Example description


Icon semi-required
desc up to desc10
Description of the corresponding file.
Icon semi-required
file up to file10
Name of audio file(s) which should be available for listening (without "File:" prefix).
Icon optional
(default: "Listen.png")
Name of icon which should be displayed (without "File:" prefix).
Icon optional
(default: "right")
Determines positioning of the template.

Available choices:

  • left: Template is floated to the left of the page.
  • right: Template is floated to the right of the page.
Icon optional
Additional CSS which should be applied to the descriptions (desc - desc10).


Greeting (neutral)
Greeting (good karma)
Greeting (bad karma)
Dying (neutral)
Dying (good karma)
Dying (bad karma)
|file  =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 1.ogg
|desc  =Greeting (neutral)
|file2 =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 2.ogg
|desc2 =Greeting (good karma)
|file3 =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 3.ogg
|desc3 =Greeting (bad karma)
|file4 =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 4.ogg
|desc4 =Dying (neutral)
|file5 =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 5.ogg
|desc5 =Dying (good karma)
|file6 =FO02 NPC Hakunin Clip 6.ogg
|desc6 =Dying (bad karma)
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