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Infobox template for special encounters.


Place the following at the top of the article, below any page management templates:

{{Infobox encounter
<!-- insert parameters -->


Specific parameters

Icon optional
Encountered characters in this location
Icon semi-required
Link to dialogue file of this encounter
Icon semi-required
Location encounter takes place in (Fallout Shelter only)
Icon optional
map marker
World map marker(s) of this location. If it does not have an own marker, list nearest marker in parenthesis; e.g. "(nearest: XYZ)".
Icon optional
map marker image
Name of image showing the site of the location on the world map (without "File:").
Icon optional
map marker image desc
Additional info for map marker image (if necessary).
Icon optional
map name
Name of the map extracted from MASTER.DAT (Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics).
Icon optional
Reference for this encounter (movies, books etc.)
Icon optional
Possible rewards for this encounter
Icon optional
Tasks to be performed during this encounter
Icon semi-required
(default: "encounters")
Determines what the supertitle links to.

Available options:

  • random: "random encounters"
  • special: "special encounters"

General infobox parameters

Icon optional
Content of row below main infobox content.
Icon semi-required
Abbreviation(s) for games of appearance. For accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}. Multiple abbreviations can be specified if separated by commas (,).
Icon optional
File name of icon (without "File:"), i.e. the small image which is displayed in the top right corner of the main image area.
Icon optional
image desc
Description for image, displayed below the image.
Icon optional
Main title/"headline" of the infobox. By default, the name of the current page without any disambiguation suffixes (i.e. terms in brackets at the end) is used.
Icon optional
Text in small font below the main infobox title.


{{Infobox encounter
|games             =FOT
|image             =Titanic_Encounter.png
|image desc        =Civilian with life ring
|map marker        ='''Titanic'''
|map marker image  =Titanic loc.jpg
|task              =
|type              =special
|characters        =Dead civilian
|reward            =[[Sketch]]<br />Heart of the Ocean<br />Life ring
|reference         =[[wikipedia:Titanic (1997 film)|Titanic]]
|dialogue          =[[MIS Z23 Speech.txt]]
|footer            =[[File:Sketch.png|200px]]<br />Sketch


Fallout Tactics

{{Infobox encounter
|games             =FOT
|type              =
|image             =
|image desc        =
|map marker        =
|map marker image  =
|task              =
|characters        =
|reward            =
|reference         =
|dialogue          =
|footer            =
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