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Infobox template for addictions.


Place the following at the top of the article, below any page management templates:

{{Infobox addiction
<!-- insert parameters -->


Specific parameters

Icon semi-required
caused by1 up to caused by6
List of items this addiction is caused by in the corresponding games.
Icon semi-required
duration1 up to duration6
How long the addiction lasts in the corresponding games.
Icon semi-required
effects1 up to effects6
What effects the addiction has in the corresponding games. Be brief, details can be put in article text.
Icon optional
games1 up to games6
Abbreviation(s) for Fallout games this addiction appears in. For accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}. Multiple abbreviations can be specified if separated by commas (,).
Icon semi-required
risk1 up to risk6
The risk of addiction in the corresponding games (in percent).
Icon optional
starts after1 up to starts after6
How long the delay between taking the drug and addiction is in the corresponding games.

General infobox parameters

Icon optional
Content of row below main infobox content.
Icon optional
File name of icon (without "File:"), i.e. the small image which is displayed in the top right corner of the main image area.
Icon optional
icon offset
Offset for icon in pixels, i.e. the icon is moved "upwards" by the specified amount of pixels. Setting this to "@outside" results in the icon being placed completely outside (above) the image area.
Icon optional
image up to image5
File name of image(s) (without "File:") to be displayed below main header and above main infobox content.
Icon optional
image desc
Description for image, displayed below the image.
Icon optional
(default: "x200px")
image size up to image5 size
Width of corresponding image in pixels (e.g. "240px").
Icon optional
Main title/"headline" of the infobox. By default, the name of the current page without any disambiguation suffixes (i.e. terms in brackets at the end) is used.
Icon optional
Text in small font below the main infobox title.


{{Infobox addiction
|image         =Alcohol addiction.png
|games1        =FO1, FO2, FOT 
|caused by1    =[[Alcohol#Beer|Beer]], [[Alcohol#Scotch|Scotch]], [[Alcohol#Vodka|Vodka]], [[Alcohol#Whiskey|Whiskey]]
|risk1         =5% (Beer)<br>10% (Scotch, Vodka, Whiskey)
|duration1     =7 days
|effects1      =-1 [[Agility]]<br />-1 [[Charisma]]
|games2        =FO3
|caused by2    =[[Alcohol#Beer|Beer]], [[Alcohol#Scotch|Scotch]], [[Alcohol#Vodka|Vodka]], [[Alcohol#Whiskey|Whiskey]], [[Alcohol#Wine|Wine]]
|risk2         =5% (Beer, Wine)<br>10% (Scotch, Vodka, Whiskey)
|duration2     =108000
|effects2      =-1 [[Agility]]<br />-1 [[Charisma]]


{{Infobox addiction
|image         =
|games1        =
|caused by1    =
|risk1         =
|duration1     =
|effects1      =
|games2        =
|caused by2    =
|risk2         =
|duration2     =
|effects2      =
|games3        =
|caused by3    =
|risk3         =
|duration3     =
|effects3      =
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