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This page contains usage information for Template:Icon.

Template for displaying small icons.


{{icon|name of icon}}

To update the available icons, the Icon module requires a new parameter in the iconTip (default tooltip) and gameIcon (icon filename) lists.


Icon required
<unnamed 1>
Which icon should be displayed. Multiple icons can be listed by separating them with a comma. ({{Icon|FO1,FO2,FO3}})
Icon optional
(default: "x14px")
<unnamed 2>
Specifies size of the icon. Can either be set to one of the presets below or directly given as a px value (same syntax as for setting image size of a normal file link).

The presets are:

  • small: Icons will be displayed at 10px height.
  • medium/normal: Icons will be displayed at 14px height.
  • big: Icons will be displayed at 20px height.
Icon optional
Page the icon should link to (without enclosing "[[]]"). If tooltip is not specified, this is also used as the tooltip text.
Icon optional
Tooltip text displayed when hovering over the icon. Overrides the icon's default text.

Available icons

FNVLRGametitle-FNV LRFNVOWBGametitle-FNV OWBFOGametitle-FO1
FO3BSGametitle-FO3 BSFO3MZGametitle-FO3 MZFO3OAGametitle-FO3 OA
FO3PLGametitle-FO3 PLFO3TPGametitle-FO3 TPFO4Gametitle-FO4
FO4AUTGametitle-FO4 AUTFO4CCGametitle-FO4 CCFO4CWGametitle-FO4 CW
FO4FHGametitle-FO4 FHFO4NWGametitle-FO4 NWFO4VRGametitle-FO4VR
FO4VWGametitle-FO4 VWFO4WWGametitle-FO4 WWFO76Gametitle-FO76
FO76LRGametitle-FO76 LRFO76NWGametitle-FO76 NWFO76OWGametitle-FO76 One Wasteland
FO76SDGametitle-FO76 Steel DawnFO76WAGametitle-FO76 WAFO76WLGametitle-FO76 WL
LHGametitle-LHPAPenny ArcadePV13PV13
WIKIGametitle-WikiabilityIcon abilityacIcon shield bronze
acidIcon acidactionIcon actionamberIcon amber
ammoIcon ammoandroidIcon androidapIcon action
appleIcon appleiosarmorwbFo4 Armor Work IconatomIcon Fo76 Atom
attackIcon attackaxedFire axe iconbig gunIcon heavy weapon
bigger gunIcon big gunbladeIcon bladebleedIcon bleed
bluntIcon bluntbonus effectIcon bonus effectbossFoS Boss
bronzeBronzebugged unavRadroachcaravanIcon cards
cardsIcon cardschanceIcon chancecheckIcon check
checkbrownIcon check tempchemstFo4 Chem Work IconcompanionIcon companion
confidenceIcon confidencecookstFo4 Cook Work IconcraftIcon crafting
critIcon critical damagecrit effectIcon crit effectcrossIcon cross
crosshairIcon attackcutIcon cutdamageIcon damage
dapIcon dapdeadIcon deaddefenseIcon shield silver
detectIcon eyedetectionIcon eyedialIcon dialogue
dialogueIcon dialoguedislikeDislikedistanceIcon range
doctorIcon doctordpsIcon dpsdrIcon shield silver
dtIcon shield goldeffectIcon effectelectricalIcon electrical
empIcon EMPenergyIcon electricalenslaveIcon cage
essentialIcon essentialexperienceIcon XPexplmillIcon fo4cw builder
explosionIcon explosioneyeIcon eyefacebookFacebookIcon
fireIcon firefistIcon fistfnvwwPerk wild wasteland
fo4chain01Icon Fo4 chain01fo4chain02Icon Fo4 chain02fo4chain03Icon Fo4 chain03
fo4gencardIcon Fo4 gen keycardfo4holoIcon Fo4 holotapefo4key01Icon Fo4 key01
fo4key02Icon Fo4 key02fo4key03Icon Fo4 key03fo4noteIcon Fo4 note
fo4vaultidIcon Fo4 vaultidfoodprIcon fo4cw builderfrostIcon effect
gamerscoreGamerscoregasIcon gasgoldGold
gold bullionFo76 Icon Gold BulliongreenIcon greengrenadeIcon grenade
groupIcon groupgunIcon gunhateHate
healingIcon healinghealing rateIcon healinghealthIcon heart
heartIcon hearthpIcon heartimageIcon image
infoIcon infoinstagramInstagram iconiosIcon appleios
juryJuryRigginglaserIcon laserlegendperkFO76 Perk coin
levelIcon levellikeLikelimitedtimeIcon limitedtime
linkedinLinkedin iconloveLovemacIcon mac
macclassicIcon macmagAssault carbine extended magazinesmeleeIcon melee
mentionedIcon mentionedmerchantIcon merchantmineIcon mine
modIcon plusmyspaceMyspace iconneutralIcon neutral
neutralfaceNeutralnoIcon crossnukamixIcon Nuka-mixer station
optionalIcon optionalparmorstFo4 Power Work IconpbgameFo4 Pip-Boy game
pcIcon pcpercentIcon chancepistolIcon gun
plasmaIcon plasmaplatinumPlatpoisonIcon poison
ps3Icon ps3ps4Icon ps4questionIcon question
radiationIcon radiationrangeIcon rangerarityIcon rarity
ratioIcon ratioredIcon redrepairIcon repair
repeatIcon repeatrequiredIcon requiredrifleIcon rifle
robotwbIcon robot workbenchsemiIcon semi-requiredsemi-requiredIcon semi-required
sequenceIcon sequenceshieldbronzeIcon shield bronzeshieldgoldIcon shield gold
shieldsilverIcon shield silvershotgunIcon shotgunsicIcon sic
silverSilversmgIcon smgsoundIcon sound
spawnIcon spawnspreadIcon spreadswitchNintendo Switch icon
tempIcon check temptextIcon texttumblrTumblr Icon
twitchTwitch icontwitterTwitter iconunarmedIcon unarmed
weapwbFo4 Weapon Work IconweightIcon weightwild wastelandPerk wild wasteland
windowsIcon windowsworkshopIcon workshopwwPerk wild wasteland
xbox360Icon xbox360xboxoneIcon xboxonexpIcon XP
yesIcon check

In addition, all abbreviations supported by {{Abb}} can be used to produce an icon for the corresponding game.

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