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Affinity generates a table of companion reactions for Fallout 4, representing each character's reaction as a single icon.


In order to work, the template must be called three times. Initially with {{Affinity|start}}, then for each scenario {{Affinity|row}} must be called. Each table should be ended with {{Affinity|end}}

Changes to the icons are done via the {{Affinity/Switch}} template.


<companion name>
Declares the reaction of the named character. Any input outside of "love", "like", "dislike", "hate" or "none" will return the entry as freeform mediawiki markup.
Character parameter
Cait cait
Codsworth codsworth
Curie curie
Danse danse
Deacon deacon
John Hancock hancock
Robert MacCready maccready
Nick Valentine nick
Piper Wright piper
Preston Garvey preston
Strong strong
X6-88 x688
Old Longfellow longfellow
Porter Gage gage
Text Icon
love Love
like Like
dislike Dislike
hate Hate
none Neutral


|scenario     =Accuse Nick of protecting the Institute
|cait         =like
|codsworth    =none
|curie        =dislike
|danse        =love
|deacon       =dislike
|hancock      =none
|maccready    =like
|piper        =dislike
|preston      =none
|strong       =like
|valentine    =none
|x688         =hate
|longfellow   =none
|gage         =none


Row template

|scenario     =
|cait         =
|codsworth    =
|curie        =
|danse        =
|deacon       =
|hancock      =
|maccready    =
|piper        =
|preston      =
|strong       =
|valentine    =
|x688         =
|longfellow   =
|gage         =
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