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The teddy bear is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


A teddy bear is a child's toy shaped like a little bear made from soft fabric and stuffing used for play and comfort. They are typically found in children's bedrooms and play areas. They are also found posed and propped up in strange places, such as sitting in chairs or playing chess, interacting with garden gnomes. They can also be used as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.


Map Location Description
Agatha's house 1 in the toilet. Must be stolen.
Arlington Library 3 in the children's wing.
Arlington House 1 in the upstairs room in the toy box.
Bethesda ruins 1 in Bethesda offices west, on the top level, hanging from a hook on the ceiling above the hole in the floor.
Big Town 1 on the shooting range table if one chooses to show the town's inhabitants how to defend themselves against the super mutants after completing Big Trouble in Big Town.
Clifftop shacks 1 on a bookcase in the shack with two rooms.
Chevy Chase 1 inside a booby-trapped Pulowski Preservation shelter, and another in a baby carriage a few steps away.
Dukov's Place 1 in an upstairs bedroom, on a small desk. Must be stolen.
Fort Bannister 1 on a toilet in the commanding officer's quarters.
Citadel 1 in the Citadel A ring, on a table near a lab door.
Evergreen Mills 6 in Evergreen Mills bazaar. 2 of them are in a bin on a shelf in Smiling Jack's shop, 2 are in a locked cell inside Madame's brothel and 2 are near the strip poles outside the brothel.
Hamilton's hideaway 1 on a catwalk next to a tipped over baby carriage. 1 outside: to the south of the entrance to Hamilton's Hideaway there is a pier with several ammunition boxes with random loot in them; a teddy bear will be in a skeleton's hand.
Hubris Comics 1 in the possession of Mad Johnny Wes.
Jury Street Metro station 1 in a cart cage west of the station, near radiation pools, where the super mutant behemoth spawns. 1 on the ground by the swings, in the abandoned burnt-out town with a radio tower.
Lincoln Memorial 1 in a tent on the steps (Caleb's tent) if the player character helped the slaves during Head of State.
Little Lamplight 1 near a picnic table outside the souvenir shop, and 1 in the clinic on the counter.
L.O.B. Enterprises 1 in offices east wing, on a chair behind the security desk on the right, upon exiting the elevator.
McClellan family townhome 1 sitting on the top bunk of bed on lower floor bedroom.
Megaton 1 in Billy Creel's house. 2 in Jericho's house: 1 under the bed, 1 in a metal box near the Chinese officer's sword. 1 in Lucas Simms' house. All must be stolen.
Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema 1 on the bench of a picnic table.
Mount Mabel Campground 1 on a swing.
Museum of Technology 1 on the floor next to a mattress in the hidden room with the Guns and Bullets skill book.
Northwest Seneca Station 1 in the women's toilets, sitting in a cistern.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 1 on the floor in the middle of the large room with gore bags, on the first floor. It will fall from the ceiling after shooting a barrel.
Paradise Falls 1 slightly smaller than normal in the clinic, on a desk in the front room.
Reclining Groves Resort Homes 1 in the abandoned house furthest to the west, on the wooden shelves. This house is a bit off to the side, not grouped together with the other houses.
Red Racer factory A giant teddy bear (2.56 times normal size) riding a tricycle suspended from the ceiling, just after entering. It will be necessary to climb some empty barrels to get on top of the roof next to it (on the far left upon entering the room in which the giant teddy is) or just shoot it down. There is another one on a shelf between two tiny tricycles. It is located in the hallway immediately to the left as one enters the factory.
Rivet City 1 teddy bear underneath the cot (may also be found in the footlocker near the cot) in Young's room (must be stolen). 1 in Saint Monica's Church, on the desk behind the altar.
Rock Creek caverns 1 teddy bear next to a subway train near the loot at the end of the tunnels.
Roosevelt Academy 1 between two semi-circle desks in the arts and athletics center immediately after entering from the Capital Wasteland. 1 in the maintenance and evacuation tunnel, on the ground at the top of a small flight of stairs.
SatCom Array NN-03d 4 are by a baby carriage behind a counter. 1 in a bathroom on a toilet. A giant teddy (4.8 times normal size), inaccessible except by using the console or the physics glitch shown in the video below.
Sewer waystation 21 in the waystation, scattered on the conveyor belts.
Sniper shack 1 giant teddy bear (1.54 times normal size) on a bed.
Temple of the Union 1 in a corner of Caleb's room. 2 in a box on the bottom right of one of the shelves in the storeroom.
VAPL-58 power station 1 on the floor of an open-air shack, southeast of the power station building.
Vault 87 1 near a pile of skeletons soon after entering from Little Lamplight/Murder Pass.
Vault 92 1 in living quarters in the corner of a bathroom, next to a skeleton.
Wilks' house 1 on top of a box on the top floor.
Zane house 1 giant teddy bear (1.5 times normal size) on a bed.
Bailey's Crossroads Metro Operation: Anchorage (add-on) 1 near a tipped over locker.
Abandoned apartments The Pitt (add-on) 1 on the ground when entering the door closest to haven entrance near a counter on the first floor.
The Mill The Pitt (add-on) 1 on top of a filing cabinet in an open rest area at the top of the catwalk.
The Pitt The Pitt (add-on) 1 west of the bridge near the wildmen on a bunk bed on the second story.
The Pitt Downtown The Pitt (add-on) 1 near a bathtub on top of the elevated walkway.
Adams Air Force Base Broken Steel 1 on a desk with a Nuka-Cola Quantum and a garden gnome beneath it on the ground floor of the flight control tower.
Mobile base crawler Broken Steel 1 in a box on a shelf past a repulsion field on the ground floor of the mobile base crawler.
Museum Authority Building Broken Steel 1 teddy bear in a box on the bottom of a bookshelf near a bunch of podiums on the bottom floor.
Olney Powerworks Broken Steel 1 giant teddy bear in a room that is accessed by going down a collapsed hallway from the room with several sentry bots and purple static. It is playing checkers with a garden gnome.
Old Olney underground Broken Steel 1 near the support column and a suitcase in the first room. 3 in a toy room above and to the left of the area where the deathclaw knocks down a couple corpses.
Old Olney S. Wilson Building Broken Steel 1 giant teddy bear in the northwest corner of the 3rd floor from the bottom (the same floor as the entrance to the Olney Powerworks). It is next to a garden gnome, whom it appears to be drinking whiskey with.
Presidential sub level Broken Steel 4 in the Presidential sub level. 1 in a basket underneath a cutting board in a small little room soon after entering. This room contains other toys. 1 in a corner on a counter behind a glass pane. There are 4 clipboards and several pencils on this counter. 2 tied to the rail track at the end of a dead end metro tunnel near the entrance to the presidential metro. There is a sign that says "help us" near the bears. A garden gnome is "filming" the little scene with a camera.
Blackhall Manor Point Lookout (add-on) 1 upstairs by a tricycle and several boxes.
Herzog Mine Point Lookout (add-on) 1 in the third mine cart after entering. There is a hanging lantern right next to it.
House of Wares Point Lookout (add-on) 1 on the counter in front of Madame Panada. Must be stolen.
Point Lookout Lighthouse Point Lookout (add-on) 1 next to the bookshelf at the very top outside.
Lil' Tyke Playhouse Point Lookout (add-on) 1 on the floor in the playhouse.
Ofie Clan Plot Point Lookout (add-on) 1 in an open coffin near the center of the plot.
People's Bank of Point Lookout Point Lookout (add-on) 1 on the floor near a baby carriage straight ahead after entering.
Point Lookout Point Lookout (add-on) 1 in a box in an open-air shack northwest of Blackhall Manor. 1 on a shelf on the bridge northwest of Haley's Hardware. 1 on a small pier due north of the ritual site and northeast of Haley's Hardware. 1 on a tree near Ruzka's lair. 1 in the limb of a tree, directly north of the sacred bog entrance.

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  • Larger teddy bears can be found in various locations throughout the wasteland. Giant teddy bears can be found in the Red Racer factory and at SatCom Array NN-03d. The teddy bear at the Red Racer factory can be found on a hanging tricycle; the player character must shoot the bear down, or jump up to it using the nearby barrels. The giant teddy bear at the SatCom Array NN-03d must be blasted out from behind the wooden boards with a large explosion. There is also an oversized teddy bear at Olney Powerworks in the "Easter egg" bathroom.
  • When collecting different sized teddy bears, the player character must not have any other teddy bears in their inventory before or during the time the larger size bear is found, otherwise when dropped, it will revert to the default size.
  • Yew's bear charm has the same world model as a teddy bear.
  • Teddy bears can also be looted from feral ghoul corpses sometimes.
  • If one of the larger bears is picked up and dropped more than once, it will revert to its original size.
  • The Pitt (add-on) The teddy bears can be sold to Midea (if one sided with Wernher) or Sandra (if one sided with Ashur) after completing Free Labor.
  • Broken Steel There are some interesting compositions involving garden gnomes and bears in some locations added by the Broken Steel add-on, specifically in Old Olney underground.



How to get the Legendary teddy bear from SatCom Array NN-03d