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The men know there is no Operation plan. No deserters. We will fight to the last.

Senior Knight Ted Wilson was a member of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.


Bearing the rank of sergeant, Ted Wilson was a member of Taggerdy's Thunder prior to the Great War and was tasked with keeping the men of his squad in line. After the bombs dropped, Wilson stood at Taggerdy's side as she picked up the pieces and formed the Appalachian branch of the Brotherhood. He was granted the rank of senior knight and tasked with running the Camp Venture training program. As he was already busy putting volunteers wanting to join the Thunder through their paces, this was merely a confirmation of his talents.[1]

Wilson was a tough but fair training officer. Although the training regime resulted in a high failure rate, those who survived to the end and earned their stripes were trained on par with the army rangers of old. Under his command, the camp had a surprisingly small number of incidents. The most notable was a violation of operational security by Squire Enrique Belmonte (minor) and the desertion of a squire who almost finished his training, complete with full load-out gear. Wilson took full responsibility and retained command.[2]

His luck ran out in mid-2093 when Taggerdy decided to shutter Camp Venture in order to gather the Brotherhood's strength for the attrition war fought against the Scorched. Wilson followed his orders and secured the camp and its stash of dangerous technologies. The Brotherhood had to store recovered data in the basement of the VEST building after losing all cargobots and access to off-site storage. He was promoted to an executive officer of Fort Defiance and oversaw the preparations for the daring Operation Touchdown.[3]

After the loss of Paladin Taggerdy in Operation Touchdown, Ted Wilson became the commander of the Appalachian branch. When it became clear that the lull in scorchbeast attacks would not last and that Touchdown had failed, he focused on holding the line against the scorchbeasts. Wilson scrapped all missions unrelated to the defense of the Cranberry Bog perimeter and especially Fort Defiance. Repeated pleas from Scribe Grant McNamara, now executive officer, to run 099-01 at the Vault-Tec University were ignored, as gathering samples for the automated analysis process would mean pulling men away from the front line. Even two knights were too much, as the sonic attractor defense required all hands on deck each time it was spun up.[4]

Wilson knew that it was a futile fight but he stuck until the bitter end. The last senior staff meeting included two surviving members of the Thunder and Tex Rogers.[5] On August 18, 2095, the Brotherhood made its last stand. Senior Knight Wilson fell in battle, fighting against unbeatable odds. With him, the Brotherhood was extinguished.[6]

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Ted Wilson is mentioned only in Fallout 76.