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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ted Huntley.


1-000C459F{Angry, will lead to violence} Oh! Get out!
2000C459E{Angry} That's stealing!
3000890B6{Relieved} You had me so worried before.
4{Reluctant} If you don't mind, I still got chores.
5{Awkward} Meaning no offense. But I got a mountain of work to do.
6{Even more awkward, nervous} Anybody else in town would be happy to talk to you. But...
7{Stammering, stumbling} You see, I got to run diagnostics on the perimeter turrets.
8{Incomplete sentence intentional, he's fumbling his words} And Gladys says the light in the bunkhouse.
9{Just blathering, awkward} And the Office needs a new coat of paint sometime soon.
10{Apologetic, awkward} It's a lot of work keeping Covenant running. Sorry, I don't mean to complain.
11{Grateful in his awkward way} Thanks for listening.