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Technical data is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 76.


Technical data is a quest item used to initiate and complete the repeatable quest Forbidden Knowledge. The holotape preservation of technology describes the need to collect technical data and deposit it into a secure location in the basement of Camp Venture or give it to Scribe Valdez inside Fort Atlas.

To trigger the quest, the player character must move a piece of technical data from a container to their inventory.



  • Technical data stacks, and depositing or handing it in will finish the quest and remove the whole stack from the Vault Dweller's inventory.
  • As of Fallout 76 patch, technical data can no longer be dropped, sold to vendors or traded with other players.
  • Restarting Forbidden Knowledge requires finding a piece of technical data in a container and moving it into the player character's inventory. Conversely, removing all technical data from the player character's inventory will fail the quest.
  • Players can deposit the technical data in their stash, and turn in each piece one by one to increase the chance of getting rare items from the loot pool.