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The tattered dress is an outfit in Fallout 76.


A tattered Garb of Mysteries, once worn by a member of the Order of Mysteries. It is a black dress with green stripes, accompanied by black leggings, dress gloves and boots. It resembles the costume worn by the Mistress of Mystery, a member of the Unstoppables.


Found on the corpses of Order of Mysteries members (young woman) throughout Appalachia:


The tattered dress can be repaired back into a Garb of Mysteries by using the fabricator inside Riverside Manor's basement during The Mistress of Mystery side quest. This may only be performed once.

Behind the scenes

Alternatively referred to as the "Mistress of Mystery Acolyte Outfit"[1]


  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png The tattered dress grants a +1 PER bonus.[verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png When worn, the dress overrides the player's body skin textures, creating a visible seam at the neck.[verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png Due to lacking the ObjectTypeClothing keyword (0033C76A), the tattered dress can be assigned to a display case. It displays neatly folded up as it appears in the inspect menu.[verified]

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