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For an overview of tatos, see Tato.
According to some old botany texts we found, this appears to be combination of a now extinct plant called a "potato" and another extinct plant called a "tomato." The outside looks like a tomato, but the inside is brown. Tastes as absolutely disgusting as it looks, but will keep you from starving.— Senior Scribe Neriah, Botany terminal - The Prydwen

Tato is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


Tatos are a mutated hybrid of the tomato and potato plants. The 'fruit' of the plant has the skin and stem of a tomato, and a brown flesh reminiscent of a potato. Commonly cultivated in the Commonwealth, Appalachia and the Island, its fruit is notable for being nutritious and easy to grow,[1] though its taste leaves something to be desired.[2]


The player character can plant and harvest tatos as a food and component source.


Tatos can be harvested and planted using fertilizer. It is a component of vegetable starch, which in turn can be scrapped into adhesive. It is also an ingredient in several recipes.



  1. Settler: "I'm getting sick of tatos. I know they're easy to grow, but how about a little variety."
    (Generic settlers' dialogue)[verification needed]
  2. The Prydwen terminal entries; botany terminal, Commonwealth Plant Database
    Note: This text was written from the perspective of someone who is unaware that both the tomato and the potato are being cultivated elsewhere. The writer also does not mention any sort of DNA test. However, the potato is also found in the Capital Wasteland, and the writer is a scribe in the Brotherhood of Steel, which originated from that area.
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