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For the character, see Tandi.
You are bartering for Tandi's release.— In-game description

Tandi's release is an item in Fallout.


Simply, it is Tandi's head. Trading items for this releases Tandi from her cell.

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  • It appears only when interacting with Garl Death-Hand. If the Vault Dweller can't persuade Garl to release Tandi, then he needs to trade items ($600) for her release.
    • If the Vault Dweller does not pay, Garl and his Khans turn hostile.
  • If Garl mistakes the Vault Dweller for his own father, it is impossible to get this item.


  • You need a bag or back pack for this. Now when you are at the raiders camp in order to free Tandi, ask Garl to barter for her release. On the barter screen, buy her head and put it in the bag. When ending the dialogue Garl won't attack and Tandi's barter head will remain. But Tandi isn't free yet. In order to free her you can talk to Garl again and barter, fight or talk her out of her cage. You can also keep on going with the Tandi trick and get more of them. The Tandi head weighs 10 pounds and looks very strange when thrown on the ground - it looks like a red rectangular with a question mark. This also works with the light, medium and heavy healing you can get from Razlo. Once you've got the head you can talk to Garl with the head in your inventory and say nothing at all; Tandi will be released and you get to keep the head. [verified]


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