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Crisp. Elegant. Functional. This Clean Tan Suit is perfect for all your Appalachian adventure needs.Atomic Shop description

The dirty tan suit and clean tan suit are an outfit in Fallout 76.


A tan suit with white undershirt and a green and white tie. The dirty tan suit is covered in dirt and grime, while the clean tan suit is in pristine condition.


Dirty tan suit

  • One can be found in the Charleston Capitol Courthouse building at the Charleston Capitol Building, on a bookshelf in the judge's chambers, immediately to the left of the green army trunk.
  • One can be found in the basement of Pleasant Valley Ski Resort on the area behind the laser grids.
  • Can sometimes be found at The Whitespring Golf Club.
    • On the upper floor where the kitchen is, on a desk facing the tennis court.
    • On the lower floor where the green locker room is.
  • Sold at Bespoke, located on shopping area inside the lower level of The Whitespring Resort.
  • Sold by Sunny at Foundation's General Goods shop located at the town center next to the outdoor roof with hanging lights.

Clean tan suit

The clean tan suit is available from the Atomic Shop for 1 - ?Atomic Shop.


The dirty tan suit and clean tan suit count as a formal wear for challenges.