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The Tampico is an unmarked location within the Sierra Madre Casino & Resort in the Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Once a host to the best of pre-War acts and performers around, including Vera Keyes, Dean Domino, Joey Baxter, Harry Wilfred and other popular entertainers, on the day of the Great War, the Tampico was the scene of a slaughter as the security holograms activated in response to the casino's systems going on alert and began attacking the panicking guests.[1]

After the Courier started up the Gala Event in 2281 and opened the doors to the resort, Dog and God, Dean Domino, and Christine Royce attempted to get inside as well, only to be subdued by the interior security systems. The three of them were then moved to different areas based on criteria of the system, with the ghoulified performer ending up in the theater.[2]


The entrance to the Tampico leads to a front lobby area, with a receptionist desk which contains records of two emails between Evelyn Sainz and John Lester. There are two doors, to the left and to the right, which both lead to the same area. However, the one on the right is locked, and a Lockpick skill of 50 is needed to enter. The theater's layout is similar to an "Old World" dinner theater, with many tables, chairs, and a large stage in the center.

Located in front of the stage is a music stand with Vera's music on it, which contains a hidden key to the backstage area. To the right of the stage is a locked door that requires a key. To the left is the main door to get backstage. From north to south, the backstage area has Dean's dressing room (with a Hard locked safe and Vera's backstage key), a large room with crates and props, and Vera's dressing room. Across from her room, there is one small upstairs section with a hologram emitter.

Hologram emitter locations[]

There are three security holograms that appear after the backstage key is found, and there is an emitter for each of them in the Tampico theater. Their locations, and the Repair skill required to disable each one, are as follows:

  • Directly behind the north side backstage door (Repair 100), which shuts off the hologram that patrols the southeast corner of the theater.
  • Hidden behind the corner couch in the large backstage room to the west (Repair 50), which controls the hologram patrolling the northeast side of the theater.
  • On the stage room staircase wall (Repair 75), but inaccessible until the holotape in the projector that overrides any remaining security is played.


  • One destructible speaker near the door to the theater.
  • Two shielded speakers line the left wall of the theater.
  • One destructible speaker on the corner of the backstage hallway.
  • One destructible speaker in the storage room.
  • One radio in Dean's dressing room.

Notable loot[]

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The Tampico appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Behind the scenes[]

The Tampico's name is a reference to the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which had its filming location in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.