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What's strange is that of the few wildmen i've seen, they've all just screamed 'DON'T KILL ME!' (or something to the effect) and ran for it. of course, they were all being attacked by trogs at the time so that may have something to do with it.

-Poopskintheliar, Yup. Can't log in.

Some wildmen in the supply plant are programmed to act as cowards, they will flee on sight. Perhaps they are the ones you met. Otherwise wildmen usually act just as raiders. (same AI data, so they flee just as often as raiders do in the wastelands)Croquignol 12:10, September 18, 2009 (UTC)

could widmen be ex slaves? Edit

i wonder if wildmen could be slaves that went insane when they went looking for ingots for everett

nah cos if you check the building on your left as you enter before the bridge theirs a few wildmen,and its unlikely that a team of deranged people could escape all the way from the steel yard to over the bridge. personally i think theyre just plain raiders but pitt style,probably escaped slaves+touch of that raider madness, the ones in the steelyard will use it as a base to jump scroungers and the ones outside managed to escape. well if u cba to read that then hope it helps

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