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Made hardin elder, and am paladin. Is there a way to get the brotherhood on my side for the big fight? Right now I only have the option of telling yes man to just ignore the brotherhood?

I dont understand this quest[edit source]

The robot yes man asks me if I want to ignore people or whatever I have no idea what hes even talking about. Ignore them about what? HELP---Mended Flesh- 01:47, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

Ignore means that you don't want to do that faction's sidequest and just want to move on. You could ignore all of them and skip right to the end but it will have some significant changes on the ending. It can also make the final battle at Hoover Dam harder if you don't do things like convincing the Khans to not side with Caesar, don't convince the Brotherhood of Steel to back up the NCR, etc.

"Jammed" quest instructions[edit source]

Using PC running windows 7,

Once this quest activated I quicksaved the game. I get the "(option) learn about the white glove society"* popping up over and over. I have not completed the quest to see if it stops afterwards. I will reply to this message at that point.

(Before this quest I had completed "Beyond the Beef" I did not have to fight Mortimer at all, I went into the kitchen without talking to anyone did not kill the cook and walked the man out. All mortimer would say during the quest was "you'll pay for this!" Afterwards he had his general conversation and nothing to learn about the white glove society.)

  • Not the actual text but what the text is about

on ps3 when turning these in all at once after yes man is on the main frame locks the 3rd person/1st person camera in place.

Faction Affect?[edit source]

Will completing this quest affect my reputation anyway with the NCR or the Legion or may i do this quest and still work with either and still reap the benefits of newly gained allies? Will doing this quest prevent me from workin? with the Republic and the Legion any further?

  • Yes. Installing the Platnium Chip in House's database will activate both Don't Treat on The Bear! and Beware the Wrath of Caesar! If you have already activated either quest, the former will fail the quest in question. If not, Speaking to Yes Man after the demonstration will fail both quests. It is strongly advised that you tie up any loose ends with the NCR or the Legion before speaking to Yes Man again. Also note that you only need to install the Platnium Chip to have Arcade Gannon activate For Auld Lang Syne, so you can complete it before speaking to Yes Man again. Additionally, keep in mind that progressing far enough to confirmk with Crocker or Caesar that you have the Boomers' aid will fail Beware the Wrath of Caesar! or Don't Tread on The Bear if they have already been activated.

Will the BoS only aid the NCR?[edit source]

Are you able to convince the BoS to help Yes Man, or are you only able to ask them to support the NCR? I've finished Still in the Dark and I'm Liked with the BoS, but the only option I'm getting to advance with the quest is to tell Yes Man to ignore them, but I'd prefer to have their support in The Battle of Hoover Dam. Is there any way to get them to be present at the battle?

  • It is advised to stay on good terms with the NCR and have the Brotherhood ally with them, as the goal is still to deter the Legion from Hoover Dam. That's why you also have the Khans and the Enclave Remnants side with the NCR if fighting for an independant Vegas. While you can see Brotherhood paladins helping NCR soldiers and rangers fight Legionaries in the power plant during Eureka!, I have yet to see them in any location during No Gods, No Masters. It is likely that you can't gain access to the areas where the Brotherhood are assisting the NCR if fighting for an independant Vegas at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. If you want reinforcements, the aid of the Khans, Boomers, and Remnants should be more than enough. 17:22, July 4, 2012 (UTC)Flavius

Quest outcomes[edit source]

Do the outcomes of this quest, in terms of game data, determine what will actually happen, or are such things determined by the faction-specific quests to which this quest directs the player? For example, I managed to break the "Oh My Papa" quest a bit. I used resetquest to fix it, but, despite telling Yes Man that the Khans will leave the Mojave, the completed objective says that I told him that they will perform a suicide attack. Which will they do, in this situation? ItsNickBarry 05:56, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

BoS Bug[edit source]

I've encountered a bug where the game refuses to go past a point and simply crashes. When going to make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel, and giving all of your items to the Paladin who meets you initially, the game starts to load a new area. My game will not load the area and instead crashes. I've checked and made sure my xbox was not running too hot (even turned it off for a good while before starting again), and even exited and re entered the bunker (before walking through the meeting room door) and nothing seems to be keeping the game from crashing. Any tips or help besides starting a new game completely? Foxi Hooves (talk) 21:02, March 4, 2013 (UTC)

Great Khans Assist you or NCR?[edit source]

The text of this article seems to say that you can get them to help you specifically. Is it referring to the option to have them attack the legion or is there something I'm missing here?

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