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Does this perk affect the strength requirement for companions' ability to wield weapons effectively?

No. Mictlantecuhtli 10:42, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Weapon Handling vs. Reinforced Spine and SpinelessEdit

For those with OWB, wouldn't it be better to take the Spineless perk (STR+2, DT+2)?

I don't have Old World Blues downloaded yet, however in a straight comparison I would say weapon handling is still useful. Adamantium Skeleton, Tough Guy and Hit the Deck pretty much make your torso and all limbs immune to being crippled already. I would actually use Reinforced Spine with Weapon Handling and start with a strength of around 4, you can get a bunch of temp strength if you need it by using food (no addiction), alcohol (no addiction with whiskey rose) and many other methods. You only need a strength of 6 and weapon handling to pass all explosive and energy weapon requirements, so reinforced spine let's you drop starting strength to 4 in favor of boosting something not easily raised through foods, chems or alcohol (like agility). Mictlantecuhtli 10:42, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

t personally i think handling is a terrible perk. when choosing between this and +1 to strength in intense training i'd go with training as 1) higher strength if you want any strength based perks (eg stonewall) 2) applies to certain skill checks in conversations. 3) increased skills and damage in melee 4) increased carry weight 5) there's non-level up perks like strength implant spinless/reinforced spine (reinforced is way better) so even with starting strength of 1 you can up it to 4 (min) and then further with intense training (and who really starts with 1 strength anyways) 6) other level up perks such as solar powered 7) some of the new traits 8) you don't need 10 strength (8 with weapons handling) to use every weapon well. i don't tend to carry miniguns and fatmen with me regularly. personally i'm mainly energy weapons based so i use laser rifles (usually the AER14) and pew pew (and now the new LAER) so i only need like 5 strength and with reinforced spine i have like 9 strength. i'd only use this if you started with like 1/2/3 strength and are planning to carry weapons with high strength requirements. it really depends on your build. i suppose this is best for a explosives user who uses grenade machineguns. all of my builds don;t need this and i much prefer the benefits from +1 strength intense training

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