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Shop inventoryEdit

Similar to Talk:Vendor bot Wallace, these details were on The Vault article when I merged. I do not know how up-to-date they are but they don't belong on the main page. Perhaps someone may find it useful or can validate/refute its accuracy. --L84tea Tea kettleWould you like a cup of tea? 01:28, January 1, 2020 (UTC)

Among other things, the Watoga vendor bot sells the following plans:

  • Plan: Advanced Power Connectors
  • Plan: Assaultron Blade
  • Plan: Assault Rifle Fierce Receiver
  • Plan: Barn Building Set
  • Plan: Brick Building Set
  • Plan: Broadsider
  • Plan: Cabinets
  • Plan: Cryolator
  • Plan: Crossbow
  • Plan: Cultist Blade
  • Plan: Cultist Dagger
  • Plan: Death Tambo
  • Plan: Flamer
  • Plan: Floor Safe
  • Plan: Fusion Generator
  • Plan: Garage Door
  • Plan: Handmade Gun
  • Plan: Harpoon Gun
  • Plan: Light Combat Legs
  • Plan: Metal Building Set
  • Plan: Metal Diner Doors
  • Plan: Metal Industrial Doors
  • Plan: Painted Wooden Doors
  • Plan: Powered Gates
  • Plan: Radium Rifle
  • Plan: Railway Rifle
  • Plan: Ski Sword
  • Plan: Terminal
  • Plan: Ultra-Light Build Marine Armor Limbs
  • Plan: Warehouse Building Set
  • Plan: Wood Stove
  • Plan: Wooden Shack Doors
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