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Nearby Dot's Diner[edit source]

When I arrived at the Dot's Diner to the West of the Diner behind a couple of radiation pool's in a small alcove in the rock's there was a scavenger with a brahmin and scavenger's dog around a Flaming Barrel. Is this a random encounter location?

Jericho[edit source]

You know how Jericho has his little comments? Well, one of them is "That looks like a good spot for a sniper." He said this to me right in the middle of the Trainyard. I sort of put this as irrelevent jabber, but what do I find? The Sniper Rifle and Ammo just sitting there. Really freaked me out, and got me wondering, will he always say this near a sniper rifle? Or was this a complete flook? Mr White 15:02, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

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